Draft law seeks to provide Iraqi orphans with comprehensive support

Iraqi orphans are seen in a minibus transporting them to school. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

Iraqi orphans are seen in a minibus transporting them to school. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

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Baghdad Provincial Council completed a draft law last week that, if approved by parliament, would provide comprehensive care for orphaned children in Iraq.

The law would grant every orphan a monthly salary ranging between 150,000 and 200,000 Iraqi dinars ($129-$170), as well as securing their right to receive medical care, education and social welfare, according to Nael al-Musawi, chairman of the council's social welfare committee.

The draft law was completed after in-depth studies were conducted, al-Musawi said. The committee used the studies to become familiar with, and benefit from, similar legislations passed in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Bahrain, which have considerable experience in orphans' rights, he said.

He said the draft will be sent to the Iraqi parliament for discussion and final approval by the middle of next April at the latest.

Al-Musawi said his committee also finished building a statistical database on the number of orphaned children in Baghdad, which will help give legislative and executive entities a clearer picture on what can be done to help orphans and how to secure their rights.

It was revealed that there are around 100,000 orphans in Baghdad, al-Musawi said. This number differs from estimates made by some local civil society organisations, which claimed the number of orphaned children in Baghdad alone has surpassed one million, he said.

Disagreement over numbers

"Baghdad is considered the largest city in the country in terms of the number of people and the terrorist attacks in it were more destructive than in other provinces," al-Musawi said. "Therefore, the presence of this number of registered orphans enables us to estimate the overall number of orphans across Iraq to be no more than 400,000."

A report released by the United Nations in 2008, however, said there are around 870,000 children orphaned by the death of one or both parents in Iraq, while some local humanitarian organisations say that the number of Iraqi orphans may be as high as five million, or around 16% of the entire country's population.

Al-Musawi said the Baghdad Provincial Council has allocated approximately 500 million dinars ($428,000) as a first instalment to assist around 1,000 families with orphaned children, and will eventually province assistance to more than 5,000 families by the end of the year.

"We also inaugurated, in collaboration with UNICEF, a school for orphans in Sadr City, which has about 350 students," he said. "In addition, we are collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent Society to treat more than 1,000 orphaned children, who have special needs or those suffering from intractable medical conditions, outside Iraq at the state's expense."

Kadhim al-Shammary, a member of parliament's labour and social affairs committee, told Mawtani, "Upholding orphans' rights and providing financial, health and educational support for them is considered a top priority in parliament's current efforts."

Human rights and democracy activist Hana Edwar called for speeding up the approval of the law.

"There is serious need for this law in order to improve the situations of Iraqi orphans, improve their social environments and conditions and assist them in overcoming the psychological ordeal resulting from the loss of parental care," she told Mawtani, adding that this will help orphaned children integrate into society without falling into the traps of crime and delinquency.




    عبدالمعطي حسيب


    Being responsible for the administration of the country’s matters, the Government is supposed to show more care and support for children through providing them with all their requirements. This is partly the responsibility of the authorities. For this reason, I call on the Government to carry out its duties towards religion, the law, and al-Sharia. It must do justice to Iraqi children, especially the orphans. The latter are experiencing a deplorable situation due to the lack of support and funding for all the orphanages in Iraq. These institutions are already too rare and unable to accommodate the huge number of orphans. In fact, the proportion of orphans is increasing as a result of the proliferating problems, killings and crimes in Iraq in the past years. There is great negligence in orphanages in Iraq because of the lack of monitoring and follow-up to their work. Besides, the staff does not provide adequate care to the residents. These children are in desperate need of very special care in order to substitute the affection of their mothers and fathers. Indeed, we need to train them as appropriate and provide them with adequate education in order to prepare them for a successful career when they grow older. We should reinforce their self reliance to choose their fate by themselves. I hope that the Government will appoint trustworthy staff to care for these children in the orphanages in Iraq. Besides, authorities must recruit Government supervisors who follow up the preparation of the programs offered to orphans as well as their academic careers. The Government is also supposed to develop and improve the orphanages in Iraq and establish ongoing fundraisers for orphanages. The latter should be encouraged by the State.

  • يوسف منصور


    Iraq has been subjected to a storm of terror which destroyed everything in it and these fools and criminals have targeted hospitals and government institutions and services in particular. This has increased the daily suffering along with lack of services as well as the daily suffering due to the postponement of projects that were targeted by terrorists. Terrorists were planning to halt the wheel of development and construction in Iraq. However, God Almighty had dashed their quest and foiled their plans. In addition, we in Iraq have suffered a series of daily bombings which hit cities and neighborhoods. These activities leave behind a lot of martyrs as well as wounded, injured and disabled people. We cannot forget what these terrorist attacks have caused and the fact that they have resulted in an army of orphaned children who lost their parents, or widowed women whose numbers are very high. The suffering of Iraqis is significant in light of all these problems due to the barbarism of murderers and criminals who try by all ways and means to break the will of the Iraqi people. However, the Iraqi people were, thank God, stronger than the arrogance of murderers, criminals and abusers and remained steadfast. The Iraqis’ determination was not undermined in spite of the ferocity of the battle with terrorism, and despite the anguish left behind by these atrocities which troubled us a great deal. Because of terrorism, we have lost many of our people who died as a result of bombings, assassinations and acts of displacement incurred by many Iraqi families at the hands of al-Qaeda and its gangs. These terrorists perpetrated a lot of crimes targeting our people and our scientific competencies. They do so in order to empty Iraq of its scientific competencies.

  • صلاح


    My idea for the orphanages specific to girls is that there would be courses for learning sewing or learning other important tasks beneficial to life, so that the girl feels she is not deprived and that if she reaches the legal age, she can work in factories or workshops. In order to be good with men, the orphanages must teach them an important issue which is morals. It is more important than anything, and they must teach them important and essential issues like mechanics or important things related to businessmen, so that they would be ready for the future, and that they will be more interested in those things. I think that when they reach the legal age, they will leave orphanages. When they leave, they must learn a good and useful profession that is useful for them in order to become important people. I pray to Allah the Victorious, the Mighty, for everyone who serves the orphans, that Allah expands his living and complements him all goodness and success. God willing, O Lord of the universe, all the goodness and success knowing that Allah loves the orphan and his lover the prophet Mohammed says: “The foster of an orphan and I are as these in paradise.” Therefore, there must be considerable interest in the orphan to make of them distinguished people who have prominent positions, instead of becoming beggars. They do know what they are doing of the works and professions and not become ignorant and snippy. We must do what the other Arab and Gulf countries do with the orphan and God willing, O Lord of the universe, all the goodness and success. Amen, O Allah, Lord of the universe.

  • نهاد سالم


    In my opinion, the government and the officials must find a solution to that problem. The orphan’s issue is very important and necessary. I think that the institutions or the care homes where the orphan lives must be improved and amended, and should contain all the supplies needed by the orphan. Those categories, both boys or girls, we have to take extreme caution towards them.

  • ذياب احمد


    I hope that our Government will provide associations, institutions, and special committees so as to supervise the orphans and orphanages, follow up their needs and provide them directly. We need also the presence of follow up committees in order to prevent the corrupt people and those who love stealing public money.

  • عواطف جمال


    Orphans are experiencing great suffering in Iraq. In fact, I believe that they are the people who suffer most because they have lost affection, sympathy, their family, their father and mother and the warm people who look after them. Imagine what the feeling of a young person has lost his parents will be. In fact, he would either feel inferior or turn into a monster which believes in nothing and respects nothing. This may appear during the adolescence of these orphans, especially if they are suffering from shortcomings and lack of care and attention. Unfortunately, this is what is taking place in Iraq. The problem of the orphans is not new, but it has existed since ancient times, given that we talk about human rights and we do not implement them, particularly looking after the orphans. In fact, Allah the Almighty has ordered us to look after these young children appropriately and provide them with all their needs. Unfortunately, however, in the Muslim nation and particularly in Iraq, no one is looking after the orphans because everyone in the Government which is ruling us is busy stealing money, looking for positions and political parties. Indeed, if anyone visits orphanages, he would definitely cry over the situation of the children, their suffering and the scarcity of care and follow up which they receive. In fact, the poor conditions of the country, namely the lack of security, safety and stability for long years have brought about the continuous growth in the rates of orphans. Their number has doubled compared to the previous years and this has made the issue even more difficult.

  • مراد نعمة


    The situation of the orphaned child in Iraq is the same as all the other orphans in the world. The orphaned child does not receive any attention from anybody except from the centers that house them, so we find that their rights are lost in the different living conditions. Their situation as people who lost their parents and relatives does not bring mercy upon them, but only worsens their situation compared to normal people. Therefore, you find that the attention paid to them concerning their education is nearly non- existent, although their levels are very high and you will find that most of them are excellent in their studies. Moreover, paying attention to their health is not done well. If a child has been found to be suffering from a serious disease, God forbid, he would not receive the required medical care and he may die due to indifference. As for the psychological side, most of them are suffering from psychological diseases like depression and schizophrenia. Some of them have turned into criminal characters due to the carelessness. In terms of orphan custody, it has been completely lacking, as most of the people, even if not granted a child by God, feel shy or are reluctant to take into custody a child, who might be a support for him later in life and who might be a reason for entering paradise, as indicated by God’s prophet when he said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise," showing his middle and index fingers, and separating them. So the businessmen should pay attention to the orphans as well as establishing institutions that have the ability to provide all the facilities for the orphan and make him live like the rest of the other children. May God keep them and protect them from all the evils.

  • قهار صابر


    The problem of orphans in Iraq has become severe and its solution has become very hard to reach, but the orphans themselves now present an obstacle for the Iraqi state. It is known that the problem of the orphans has gotten worse, especially after the wars that Iraq has entered and the events that followed them, in terms of the control of the terrorists and the armed groups there in great parts of Iraq, and the sectarian and authentic fighting there. All this has led to the emergence of this problem on the surface, as it has become a problem that haunts the Iraqis and spoils their life. I am here, and from this article of mine, I call upon the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government in particular to unify the efforts to accommodate those orphan children and not to leave them to be an easy prey for everyone, and not to let them fall into the hands of those people who have sold their conscience and whose hearts have died, so as to trade with them and to use them in disgraced or criminal acts, or leave them to fall as prey within the hands of the terrorist movements, to use them as fuel and cadres for them. I call upon the Iraqi government to provide them schools, so they will be brought up as educated people, in order to raise their status and the status of their country. Moreover, they should be provided legal protection from those who would like to exploit them in tiring and hard acts; besides, the Iraqi society should accept them, because they belong to them. The Iraqi society should not reject them; it should embrace them and treat them equally and with dignity, so they will not deviate to nowhere and be converted into a time bomb in the face of those who reject them.

  • هشام


    Our pure Islamic religion has urged us to give care and attention to orphans, and to do our best in order to provide all kinds of support for them, and to stand beside them until they become mature. Hence, we all have to work together for the sake of the orphans of Iraq, especially given the large numbers of orphans that Iraq has. I believe that there are many steps that we could all take on a personal level in order to provide care for orphaned children, whether it be by means of making donations to children’s homes or by in-kind donations, and by everyone taking care of orphans each in their own residential area, so that we can institute the social solidarity that our Islamic religion and the Quran have enjoined us to do, and put into practice the prophetic traditions and advice that the Prophet of mercy and the supporter of orphans, our master, Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, has given us when he said, “The one who looks after the needs of an orphan will be in Paradise with me like these two,” and the Prophet pointed to his holy fingers held closely together. Even if it is on a governmental level, I believe that there are certain steps which should be followed also and which could be implemented, as these will contribute in saving the orphans in Iraq, by providing complete material support for them, and designating a special fund for orphans specially for providing proper material support for them on a monthly basis. Moreover, they should be provided with educational support and oversight, and their health should be looked after, and they should be provided with special healthcare centers where they are given complete care, and their living conditions should be improved, because they are the sons and daughters of Iraq, and we cannot abandon them as they are the victims of blind terrorism, which has deprived them of the love and affection of their families.

  • ايهاب


    We would like to send an urgent human message to all to whom it may concern and to all the Iraqi officials. We demand them not to forget the orphans of Iraq and to save them from their horrible and bitter reality in Iraq, which suffered terribly because of the wars and siege. This made Iraq the first in the number of the orphans and widows internationally. Would we consider the needs of this large class and help them after the wars that were fought by Iraq since the Gulf War I and the subsequent conflicts.

  • طالب عبد


    How could we help the orphans in Iraq, while we are all orphans? What are the steps the wise Iraqi government suggests in this respect?

  • ناصر صادق


    The wars and their aftermaths left many orphans who are deprived of the majority of their rights in Iraq when compared with other Arab states. The case of the rights of the orphans is a trust in our hands. All the Iraqi experts say that the numbers of the orphans in Iraq reached millions, which qualifies Iraq to be the world’s number one country in this regard. This disaster increases every day and it is accompanied by another disaster connected with the widows. The social implications of these problems may not appear immediately, but the future would witness serious implications that would negatively affect the Iraqi society as a whole. For example, the society may find itself face to face with unprecedented moral collapse, because of neglecting this group that needs help. It is almost impossible to provide estimates about the number of those orphans, given the limited ability of the Iraqi government to deal with this group. Therefore, the orphans of Iraq sleep on the streets and pavements, weeping, begging, and complaining from the pains of diseases and poverty. It is a religious, human, and national duty upon us to shed light on this human disaster, which has affected our beloved country to expose the suffering of this group because of the injustice and the oppression. God commanded us to be kind to the orphans and our Prophet, peace be upon him, confirmed this meaning, when he stated that the sponsor of the orphan would be his companion in Paradise. Hence, the government is required to handle this important issue as soon as possible. The government should qualify the orphans in Iraq intellectually, economically and as to health and culture. It should improve their living conditions and provide them with the legal, economic, and administrative help to those orphans in all the different areas of Iraq.

  • كاظم العبادي


    All those who own even little amounts of money should donate to orphanages so as to make the orphan feel that he is a respectable person and not forsaken by the people. In my opinion, it is the duty of the government to care for those categories so as to alleviate the pain they are feeling and living in, and each Iraqi should consider others before considering himself so that the orphan would not feel emptiness within.

  • ندى


    The orphans in Iraq have abounded because of al-Qaeda and the terrorism of the infidel Baath. O God, avenge them, O Lord of the universe.

  • عامر نصيف


    I call on God, the Highest and the Greatest, to rid Iraq of every evil of vengeful people, and I ask that there would be no more hardness in Iraq. I invite the Iraqi government to realize that its duty is to help the Iraqi people and to provide them everything they need, in order for it to know that it is deficient with all the Iraqis and with the poor orphan. I want the Iraqi government to provide the entire suitable atmosphere for the orphans and to make the day of the orphan the nicest. I'm very impressed with the word of God the Almighty in his holy book, saying: “Treat not the orphan with harshness.” Glory to God, the Highest and the Greatest, who knows what we don’t know, and knows that the orphan is oppressed; but with God, his rights will never be lost, and God the Almighty willing, the Iraqi orphan will be in the best situation. God willing, I wish that the Iraqi government would do something for them and provide them with everything they need. O God, have mercy on Iraq and the Iraqis, and help everyone who wants goodness for this country. I just want the Iraqi government to know that the Iraqi orphan is not inferior to orphaned children in other states, and they must be distinct, because what happened in Iraq must be taken into account. Hence, what we want from the government of Iraq is that it should give sufficient space to all the orphans, so they can live their lives.

  • نضال سعد الشمري


    The Iraqi orphan is one of the largest and most important groups in Iraq. The orphans are those who have neither relatives nor money nor luck. We the Iraqis have started having a lot of orphans, after the bloody events that took place in Iraq. The orphan is an oppressed human; where could he go with no money to live on, and where could he get the love and dedication of parents, relatives and loved ones? The Iraqi government has forgotten that important class, and they do not know what is happening to them. They are oppressed people; they should be blessed with a free and decent life, and they should study and learn in order to develop themselves, until the opportunity comes and they grow up and rely on themselves. The Iraqi orphans have no rights, and the absence of care facilities in Iraq, which should care for them, has neglected them a great deal. That category is destined to live the rest of their life as vagrants. The opportunities are so many in Iraq for the child or the young boys to get a bad education, i.e. through theft and robbery, or they cause very great problems. Poverty and need are the factors that push them to do these things.

  • مازن علي


    God loves the orphans, and we all know that the orphans need to feel the care of everybody, because they suffer from deprivation and the need for the beautiful feelings they miss, so that they won't turn to committing corrupt and immoral acts. They might turn into criminals or destroyers in society, if they suffer from the lack of education, care, healthcare, food and clothes. If they suffer from all that, then they will be a burden on the society. They might also become criminals or destroyers. This is why they need to be embraced and cared for. We have to provide them with everything that they need, such as comfort and the correct method of upbringing. This has to be sponsored by the government; in addition, the Iraqi people have to help as well. We should also not forget the big role of the media in that matter, so that people start helping the orphans with financial support and donations from the wealthy and the companies. The people who are willing to adopt the orphans can also help, by raising them among families to compensate them due to the deprivation that was committed against them by the malicious and terrorist people.

  • عواطف جمال


    Protecting orphans means protecting society from the pitfalls that it could end up in when orphans that are neglected take the paths that lead to destinations that are unknown. As such, I support the idea of the Government taking several measures, including increasing the number of children’s homes; providing them with an educational institution; provide them with financial assistance; providing kind and suitable care; and protecting them through continuing awareness-raising programs by means of educational institutions and programs that cater to orphans. Everyone should contribute in raising these orphans in the proper manner, so that they can become active members of society in the future, and influential individuals in society. I think that supporting organizations that cater to orphans is a very important and indispensable matter.

  • باسم


    Orphans in Iraq are a responsibility that has been entrusted to all the noble and good-hearted people, and our Islamic religion has advised us as to the importance of caring for orphans and standing beside them until they reach the age when they can be safe by themselves, and it has urged us to safeguard their rights and perform all the duties that ensure a kind and worthy care for the orphans. As such, I believe that the Government has an immense responsibility vis-à-vis this issue, by paying attention to orphans and enacting laws that help in providing them with care and assistance from the Government. This measure can be achieved by activating the role of children’s homes, and according importance and providing all kinds of support for these homes. Additionally, efforts should be made to set up institutions that work in this area, and they should be given wider roles and jurisdictions so that they can be able to care for orphans and carry out their responsibilities in the best manner possible. I am for allocating a monthly stipend for the children so that they are not compelled to go out and work, since the fact of them mingling with people could expose their lives to ruin, especially with bad company, as these people could exploit them and their financial situation, and consequently we will have not honored this trust that Allah the Exalted has enjoined us to honor and preserve. Providing a monthly stipend will help these orphans satisfy their needs, and also the provision of educational opportunities for them will impact considerably on shaping the personalities of these orphaned children and securing their educational future.

  • محسن


    Many Iraqi families have lost their providers because the latter happened to go out in search of their livelihood, which coincided with a terrorist attack, whether it be a bombing or suicide attack, or kidnapping or assassination or clashes. As such, we find that there are many Iraqi families today that have no income or shelter or money, and they cannot provide for all the needs of their respective families, especially if the family consists of a mother and her children or women who cannot work, or disabled or aged people. This is why it is very important that the Government pays attention to the families of victims and martyrs, so that they can be compensated, because they have lost their loved ones and their most prized possessions, and the family’s only income earner. So, providing assistance to them is a duty, and monthly pensions should be allocated to each family that has lost its provider, after Allah, and this is the responsibility of the Government, because it is the one in charge of these people, and they should be taken care of in a way that does them justice and protects their human rights. We pray that Allah will bestow his mercy and forgiveness to all those that have fallen as martyrs on the soil of Iraq at the hands of reckless, filthy and criminal elements, who have caused all this bloodshed and devastation in Iraq. May Allah curse and humiliate them, Allah-willing.

  • رجاء النقاش


    The orphans, who have lost their beloved ones who used to provide support and care for them, are currently a trust for all good Iraqis. Thus, we have to help them and work on sponsoring them through providing them with all kinds of support so that these orphans will not feel that they have been neglected after losing their parents. This social class should feel that the entire community is currently supporting them and that caring for them has grown. In fact, all people are serving as mothers and fathers to them and providing them with full care in order to protect them and ensure their bright future until they reach the safe side, especially after these people become men who are capable and able to engage in life, just like their peer compatriots.

  • رميل هاشم


    The Islamic religion has always urged people to take care of the orphans and to take more interest in them. Islam calls on people to make every effort to provide them with all kinds of support and to stand by them till they grow old enough to take care of themselves. Therefore, we must care for the orphans in Iraq, especially as there are many orphan children in our country. In this respect, I believe that there are many things that we could offer to care for the orphans in terms of personal attention. In fact, we could donate money as well as goods to the orphanages. Besides, we should follow-up orphaned children in each and every residential area in order to consolidate social solidarity which is recommended by the Islamic religion and the holy Quran. Indeed, we must apply the sayings and commandments of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The latter is the Prophet of mercy since he called for mercy and sponsored an orphan. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together." As for the role of the Government in this respect, I believe that there are some measures which could be applied on the ground and could save orphaned children in Iraq. Indeed, the Government could provide the orphans with full financial support. It could provide a special fund for orphans which should be established in order to receive the appropriate financial support for them every month. It should also finance and support their education, supervise them and ensure their healthcare through the provision of special health centers. In short, authorities must provide the orphans with perfect care and improve their living conditions. Indeed, they are Iraqi citizens who are eligible for care, especially as they are the victims of cruel terrorism that has deprived them of the tenderness of their parents.

  • غانم صباح


    There are several steps we can take to help the orphans in Iraq. First, we should give them attention from the educational side because the provision of this aspect for them may be absent, although their level is very high and you may find most of them educationally outstanding. Secondly, the provision of their own health centers because attention to their health is not as required. If there were a child, God forbid, living with a serious illness, he does not get the required medical care, but he may die as a result of the negligence. A psychological consultant or adviser must be provided to follow the patients at least once every week because their psychological state will be affected a lot because of their isolation. Most of them suffer from various psychological illnesses such as depression and Schizophrenia, and some of them turn into criminals because of carelessness; as for sponsoring an orphan, it is completely absent because most people, even if they are not blessed with kids, they are ashamed or hate to sponsor a child who would be a support for them in this life and might be the reason for entering heaven, as the Messenger of Allah tells us when he said: " The sponsor of the orphan and I are like these in paradise and he showed his fingers, the index finger and the middle finger”. The businessmen must give attention to the orphans and building institutions that have the capacity to provide all the amenities for the orphan and make him live like other children and to try to provide rent-free premises in the universities and be sponsored by the Government by providing a monthly stipend and funding his scientific research and assist him to reach the place he wants and to have the priority to be provided with positions of work as he has the right more than any other to get a job opportunity so that he could rely on himself, and the provision of accommodation with simple fees. If he didn't get a job, the State must guarantee him a loan to start his project and pay it off in a reasonable period of time and it would be preferred to cancel the benefits, as he has the right to access most services for free or for a small fee, this is his right from us. It is enough that he was born without parents or relatives and that he is alone in this life but the care of Allah is greater, and wider than anything. May Allah save them and take care of them.

  • نسرين عياض


    We must not forget that these children are in our trust, and in particular the orphaned children who escaped from this entire vortex with the loss of the most valuable people they have. Everyone must cooperate and work together in order to assist and benefit the orphaned children, and provide them with love, compassion, care, and nurturing by all the Iraqis. We must provide them with everything that they required from the services and the ways to comfort as they are the bright future of Iraq, God willing, and preserving them and their treatment of the painful and harsh memories that will protect them from the risk of falling between the teeth of the criminals, abusers and terrorists. So, it is very important that we maintain our children and contribute to getting them away from the memories of the harsh, terrible and savage wars by keeping them preoccupied with what is better, prettier and more beautiful that holds goodness and peace.

  • ياسر عباس


    The situation of orphans in Iraq is worsening a lot and needs to be provided with all means of care and attention to the children of Iraq among the orphans, especially because they have lost their parents because of terrorist operations and through criminal, terrorist, malicious, and savage elements that caused the death of many parents. For this reason, it is very necessary that there be special care for these orphans and they be provided with care homes, and that there are cadres working to provide care for those children who need love, compassion and sponsorship from all sides whether educationally, financially, health-related, psychologically, or even physically. Thus, the government should allocate amounts of money that contribute to providing everything that these children needed and provide attention to them because this is the duty of the government, and not to just remain motionless. The orphans are trusting of everyone working in the government as well as everyone who has any possibility to provide assistance and care for them, whether among the traders, the owners of the funds, or the rich families that are able to support these orphaned children who have lost their most precious possession. They were victims of acts of violence, terrorism and criminality.

  • يعقوب عبدالرحيم


    Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had confirmed that saying: "I, and the one who looks after an orphan, will be together like this in the next world", then he raised his index and middle fingers together. Thus, the sponsorship of orphans has become the duty of the Government as well as the community. The latter must give a helping hand and assist the orphans. They are supposed to help them overcome the distress they feel. These children had lost the tenderness of their parents. Therefore, we must ensure their rights to life as well as social security, healthcare and education. In other words, we should grant orphans their right to comprehensive care in order to prevent them from falling prey to crime and delinquency. We must make orphans play a leading role in society in the future. This is possible only through granting them decent life conditions. We need to make them useful people who participate in the development of the country in order to make progress in all aspects of life. For this reason, it is very important to care for the orphans in order to make them useful individuals who are keen about building their homeland. Orphans could havee effective participation in developing the country.

  • علوان حميد التميمي


    As I see it, terrorism has left Iraq with a lot of orphaned children, among them innocent children who lost their parents or relatives, because of terrorist attacks targeting civilians. The issue of orphans in Iraq is a barbed and significant issue because of the large numbers of orphans. Although there are a lot of programs dealing with the Iraqi orphan, they do not meet the purpose because such procedures need follow-up and auditing. Therefore, in my opinion, the orphaned children in Iraq lack much care. They need more efforts that will advance the interest and care for them. Many of them are going through extremely difficult circumstances. They need all kinds of support. In addition, I believe that the institutions that deal with children in Iraq and pursue their situations are themselves in need of material support in order to be able to play a greater role in the provision of care for the orphans in Iraq. I also believe that, recently, there began to be an interest in the orphan children in Iraq in a greater way than what it was previously. We note that there are broad movements for the orphan and this is through the institutions that started moving and intensifying their efforts more in order to try to lift up the orphan, change his reality, alleviate things for him, and resolve all of his problems. I demand that more attention be given to the Iraqi orphan and provision of all kinds of support whether this was through giving the attention to orphanages or through the allocation of funds for him, which makes him capable of going beyond his problems.

  • ahmed


    Whoever takes care of the orphan will be accompanying the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Messenger of God, best prayer and peace be upon him, said in his Hadith Sharif (the foster carer of an orphan and I are in heaven like this, and he unfolds the forefinger and the middle finger together). Thus, caring and guardianship of the orphan child has a great and very large reward and Iraq has a lot of orphaned children who lack love and care and attention. For this reason, we must improve the situation for the orphan child in Iraq because its situation is worsening and they need to be as the rest of the other children who live with their parents, because they have no breadwinner or somebody to be their guardian, and this is what the Government must do and should contribute to the subsidy and the care of the orphan children of Iraq through contributing and material support by the money owners and everyone who is able to do this; through cooperation the Iraqi orphan children can be embraced.

  • مسلم الدراجي


    No doubt that Iraq has occupied the first place in the number of orphans, but the other bigger disaster, as published by UNICEF, has to do with the number of orphans in Iraq, which showed that it reached 800,000 orphans, whereas there are only 24 orphanages, that is, 1:3. We are in bad need of a law by the Parliament which deals with the problem of orphans in Iraq. The issue is urgent, as you know that Iraq suffers from the lack of security, which means the increasing number of orphans. In my opinion, and as I believe, it would be better if they canceled the deal for the armored cars and replaced it with building orphanages to shelter these orphans.

  • صفوت بشير


    The children in Iraq suffered so much because of the successive wars of the former regime and threats to the dreams of those children living with their families and enjoying a climate of a passionate parental love. Anyway, to alleviate the suffering of those children, Iraq has to find the proper environment to soothe them and pay attention to the institutions that provide them with care. We should provide them with the programs that help in developing the capabilities of these children and entertaining and educating them. We should improve the living conditions of those children, but I doubt that this would happen in Iraq under the rampant administrative corruption.

  • محي الدين اشرف


    The conditions of the orphans in Iraq are similar to the conditions of all the Iraqis. They suffer from the same problems of the people including the security and political troubles as well as the administrative corruption, particularly given that they have no law to protect their rights. Furthermore, they receive no aids from the State and they do not enjoy health insurance or educational support. The conditions of the orphans are pathetic under the government of Al-Maliki, which offers no support to the orphanages. Therefore, the orphans became street children and outlaws instead of providing help to Iraq development because of the lack of care. This problem is not new as it started with the wars of Iraq and escalated after the change in 2003 with the escalation of the violence and the sectarian conflicts. There is no doubt that Iraq is at the top of the world’s countries as to the numbers of the orphans and widows. The foreign aids to the existing orphanages are insufficient for meeting all the needs of the small families for three or four days. In Karbala, there are many charitable organizations that offer financial and in-kind aids to the families that lost their breadwinners. Most of these institutions get support from outside Iraq, especially the Gulf States. How will those people live amidst all this neglect and corruption? The conditions of the orphans in Iraq represent a danger to the security and stability in Iraq, as well as the rest of the countries, because they may turn into dangerous elements and work for extremist organizations.

  • جميل حسن فاروق


    The conditions of the orphans in Iraq deteriorate over time, because the orphanages in Iraq are very dirty and unclean. The orphans also suffer because of the ill treatment, in addition to the bad services. They suffer a great deal, and we want the Iraqi government and officials to take care of the orphans in Iraq, and to grant them good and honorable living conditions, like the orphans around the world. The whole world celebrates the Orphans’ Day, except Iraq. What can we say? God is gracious.

  • HD


    I heard one day on a radio station about the issue of the orphans, and I discovered that when the orphan reaches the legal age, he will be on his own and that he will be responsible for himself in all aspects. Of course, this has positive and negative aspects, because the person at this age is unaware of the laws and he has no strong support. That is because if he obtained a certificate or learned a craft, things would be much easier for him. I think it is easy enough for our great government to make the orphans great members of society. In addition, the orphan needs special treatment in order to feel that he is respectable, because he will face very bad things in the outside world.

  • صبحي زياد


    It is very important to care for the orphan and we have to take care of him and treat him compassionately. I advise the merchants and the rich people in Iraq to help the orphanages and offer them donations, even if they are small. I do not think that this will affect their income in any way. Quite the contrary, they will solve a serious problem and they will purify their money and reform Iraq through these donations. In addition, their money will be blessed and it will be doubled in this world and in the hereafter, because they helped many orphans in Iraq. Hence, the Iraqi government and the officials must provide houses and improve the living conditions of all orphans in general, and the girls in particular.

  • عبدالقدير


    I believe that the orphans who have no family are deprived of many things, and they need care and preparation for all the aspects and circumstances. Our greatest Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, urged us to take care of the orphans. Therefore, how can the Muslims, who consider themselves the followers of the prophet of mercy, fail to respond to the commandments of our great Prophet, peace be upon him, as to looking after the orphans, especially given that he promised us that whoever does so will enter Paradise. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “I and the guardian of the orphan will be in the Garden like this," indicating his two fingers. Hence, whoever takes care of the orphan will reserve a great rank in Paradise, and God will forgive all his sins and misdeeds.

  • وائل قصراوي


    The orphans in Iraq suffer from pathetic conditions and I am one of the people who are fully aware of this worrisome situation in Iraq. The orphans are extremely neglected and no one helps them. They are poor people and they have no one to help them. They are helpless, because they were created to be lonely. We have to stand with them rather than neglecting them. The Iraqi government and the Ministry of Social Affairs have neglected them greatly and the way is open before them to do whatever they want. There are many terrorists in Iraq and they search for any chance to attract the largest possible number of those children and adolescents to work for them, because they are ready to obey whoever will pay them and make them live better than the others do. This is horrible and I advise the government and the concerned officials to provide the orphans with suitable care, in order to make them feel that they are important. We have to make them believe that they are not abandoned or neglected, because this is very serious.

  • خالد صباح


    The wars experienced by the Iraqi State have wiped out everything and everybody in Iraq. They wiped out almost all the beautiful things in Iraq. Since the seventies of the last century, Iraq has been experiencing fierce conflicts, followed by more and more virulent wars. The result was a total collapse of the Iraqi State on the military, security, economic, and social levels. How many people were killed? How many women are widowed? How many children have become homeless and orphaned? I think that the situation in Iraq, dear sirs, especially the displaced children and orphans, is very difficult. I do not think that the Iraqi Government pays enough attention to the children of Iraq, the orphans and the displaced, not even the civil society organizations. First, because the numbers of orphaned and displaced children in Iraq are many and there are no accurate official statistics about the numbers and locations. Also, the difficulty of accessing all the parts of Iraq and working in them because of the poor security situation in some places in Iraq makes it difficult to take care of everyone, all the orphans and displaced children, especially in the conflict zones in Iraq. Hence, starting from this perspective, I appeal to the Iraqi State, the officials in Iraq, the caregivers concerned with this issue, and the civil society organizations, whether they were Iraqi or even non-Iraqi, to take care of these orphaned and displaced children. I call on them to pay attention to them and their families too. I call on them to pay attention to their sources of income, livelihood, education, and their places of residence so that they will grow up in a true breeding ground and they will not be new staff and easy prey for the extremists of all kinds and from all over the world. These displaced children and orphans are time bombs that will explode in the face of everyone sooner or later, and the loser in the end will be everyone.

  • ابو حيدر


    Iraq today is in dire need of the law giving comprehensive social insurance to every citizen, whether he/she is an orphan or not an orphan, a widow or... not a widow; similar to European countries.

  • زيدان احمد خضر


    There is no doubt that Iraq tops the list of the countries around the world in terms of the number of widows and orphans. The foreign aid for the institutions that care for orphans and widows is not sufficient to meet the needs of a small family for more than three or four days. In Karbala, there are many charities that provide personal and financial assistance to the families that lost their breadwinners. Most of these institutions get almost all their support from donors from outside Iraq, particularly the Gulf States. How could these people live amid all this neglect and corruption? The situation of the orphans in Iraq, I think, represents a risk indicator knocking on the security and safety of Iraq and the rest of the countries to come to the society in the form of extremist entities.

  • نبيل رضا عزيز


    There is no support for the institutions responsible for the care of the orphans. The conditions of the orphans in Iraq is tragic under the Maliki government, which make these orphans either children of streets or desperado criminals due to the lack of care for them rather than being helpful in the development of Iraq. That problem is not the result of the present but the problem began because of the wars of Iraq and then became greater after the change in 2003 to this day with the escalation of violence and increase of the sectarian conflict.

  • وهاب اسماعيل عبدالله


    The situation of orphans in Iraq is not that far from the situation of the Iraqi people as a whole. They are affected by what affects the people including security and political tensions, and administrative corruption especially since there is no law ensuring their care, sufficient monthly salary or health insurance, as well as support and education for orphans in Iraq that make them in a deplorable situation.

  • عواد الخطاب


    I think that the provision of all human services to the Iraqi citizen is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, which is the main sponsor of the affairs of Iraqis and because it is authorized to shoulder this responsibility on behalf of the Iraqi people. Any deficiency in this respect is considered a breach of the trust and the conditions of the social contract between the people and the government, which was elected to represent them, protecting their honors, rights and private freedoms, which are considered among the freedoms of God. The government must protect these rights in order to maintain the general order of society and its individuals because losing these rights may cause evils that would endanger the country and lead to unfavorable results. This is what will happen in Iraq because the government did not assume its responsibilities to achieve the interests of society and maintain the security, stability, and welfare of Iraq in all fields.

  • عادل عبدالمعطي


    The Iraqi government has commitments towards the Iraqis and has to meet them in order to achieve the interests of the individuals and the government through a combination of these interests of the individual and of society because the individual is responsible for maintaining the order of society and refraining from behaving in any way that may harm the society or negatively affect public interests in the country.

  • سعد ايوب


    The state is required to assume its role in protecting those children by taking care of them in orphanages to receive all services and the financial and normal benefits in addition to education. These measures are necessary in order to achieve the interests of those orphans and to protect them from the evils of the deviant people who exploit their weakness and need, and use those miserable children to achieve their interests.

  • شهاب محسن


    Leaving those orphans without care may cause serious troubles in their life and may lead to financial deficiency and may force the orphans to engage in works that do not accord with their childhood like selling some simple good in the markets, carrying the goods of shoppers, selling cigarettes and soda water in the crossroads, begging in public places, cleaning cars during traffic jams, or even stealing. Of course, all these activities facilitate deviance and make orphans the subject of exploitation at the hands of the criminal and the terrorist organizations in order to get some money.

  • زبير شهيد


    The orphans in Iraq suffer from serious poverty and need special care and more attention to their affairs through application of the social security system, which must be provided by the state and human rights organizations under the supervision of the state. This system must take care of the orphans because this is one of the stressed commandments of Islam whose system includes the creed and relationship, in addition to the fact that it is considered a comprehensive moral and behavioral system. The Book of God included all that strengthen society, its solidarity and integrity. Caring for orphans is one of the pillars of the Quranic system in order to help the children who lost one of their parents or both of them so they could pass this ordeal and to protect them from deviance and falling in the hands of criminal organizations that will exploit them in the worst way to achieve their evil and dirty objectives that are against the security and stability of the society, especially given that we noticed that some criminal organizations exploit orphans to carry out their criminal acts against peaceful people.

  • ahmed


    All the rights should be given back to the citizens through honorable, integrated and ethical work and through getting rid of any corrupt, stealing or dishonorable element, because Iraq today needs a lot of construction, establishment and building, especially after the suffering that the poor Iraqi people have witnessed; they should be compensated fairly.