Baghdad hosts Arab League summit after more than 20 years

Arab leaders pose for a picture ahead of the opening session of the Arab League Summit in Baghdad. [Saad Shalash/Reuters]

Arab leaders pose for a picture ahead of the opening session of the Arab League Summit in Baghdad. [Saad Shalash/Reuters]

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Baghdad successfully hosted the 23rd Arab League summit on Thursday (March 29th), marking the first time Arab leaders converged on Iraqi soil in 22 years.

Iraqi officials saw the event as a sign of the return of their country to playing an important role in the Arab region after many years of isolation.

"Convening the Arab summit in Baghdad is glaring evidence that Iraq has regained its health and stability thanks to the success of the democratic political process. It is also a renewal of Iraq's keenness to strengthen ties with its Arab environment," Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who is the first Kurdish leader to chair an Arab summit, said in his opening address.

The summit meeting was attended by nine Arab leaders, including the emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, who is visiting Iraq for the first time since 1990.

Other leaders included the Sudanese president, the chairman of the Libyan Transitional Council, and the presidents of Lebanon, Tunisia, Somalia, the Comoro Islands, Djibouti and the Palestinian Authority.

Other Arab states were represented by ministers, ambassadors and envoys.

The summit was also attended by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union, Noureddine Bouchkouj, and the secretary-general of the Islamic conference Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu.

Syria was absent from the summit because its membership in the Arab League has been suspended since last October. Saudi Arabia and Qatar dispatched their permanent representatives at the Arab League to attend the summit.

The Emir of Kuwait, whose visit is considered a historic event -- being the first of its kind since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 -- said, "Iraq regained its freedom, dignity, and democracy, and ended a dark period after which it started to resume its usual joint Arab work."

The summit took a different form from the last summit held two years ago, following revolutions and popular Arab protest movements that ousted rulers who had held power for decades.

The previous summit was held in Sirte, Libya, in 2010, and was led by Libyan Colonel Mummar Kadhafi, who was killed last year in an armed revolt that ousted his regime.

Syria and the summit

The Syrian crisis topped the summit's agenda, which also included other issues such as the Palestinian issue and Arab revolutions.

Ban Ki-Moon called on the Syrian authorities to accept the six-point international plan, and pressed the opposition to cooperate with the envoy of the Arab league and the United Nations, former UN secretary-general Kofi Anan.

He said the conflict in Syria "could pose a danger to the region […] and the government failed in protecting its people […] having placed the people under coercive force."

The plan, proposed by Anan, calls on all parties to end armed violence, and calls for a two-hour ceasefire every day to allow humanitarian and medical assistance to reach affected areas.

On Tuesday, the UN announced that the Syrian government had agreed to the plan, but Jihad Maqdasy, spokesman for the Syrian foreign ministry, told AFP, "We shall not deal with any plan originating from any level of the Arab league."

Meanwhile, the emir of Kuwait called on the Syrian government to "listen to the language of reason and wisdom by stopping all kinds of violence against its own people."

Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki called on his Syrian counterpart to step down.

"We ought to persuade him [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] that there is no solution except by the president stepping down in favor of his deputy who would be asked to form a government to lead a transitional period which will end with free, honest elections that would restore the sovereignty to the country, and dignity for the people," he said.

Iraqi president Jalal Talabani said the absence of Syria from this summit "would not lessen our concern over what is going on in it." He affirmed the summit's rejection of "all acts of violence" and its renewed "call for finding a peaceful way to resolve the Syrian crisis in the light of the Arab plan" and international efforts.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called for "negotiations under the patronage of the Arab League and the United Nations to form a national unity government that would prepare for a free, honest election there."

Stepped up security measures

Baghdad saw unprecedented security measures during the summit, which was held at the Republican Palace inside the International Zone (formerly called the Green Zone).

About 100,000 security personnel have been deployed in the capital, while security authorities closed some Baghdad streets, doubled the number of checkpoints, cut off communications from the city, and closed its airport.

The Iraqi ministries of defence and interior announced on Thursday that the security plan implemented during the summit had succeeded.

"The efforts made by the security forces and the co-operation shown by Iraqi citizens helped to a great extent in accomplishing this success," the statement read.

Ahmad Bin Hilli, the deputy secretary-general of the Arab League, told Mawtani, "I personally saw the general situation in the Iraqi capital Baghdad," adding, "We are pleased by what we found."

Al-Qaeda threats

Terrorists and terror organisations operating under the umbrella of al-Qaeda were one of the subjects discussed by Arab leaders during the summit.

Al-Maliki warned against the possibility of al-Qaeda gaining "new hideouts after it was defeated in Iraq, [especially] in Arab countries that are witnessing important developments but are still in the process of rebuilding their institutions".

He also cautioned against the possibility of "al-Qaeda riding the wave of the Arab uprisings".

Iraq's hosting of Arab summit welcomed

By hosting the Arab summit, Iraq accomplished an important success represented by its return to the Arab environment and regaining its regional role, according to Iraqi and Arab officials and analysts.

Bin Hilli told Mawtani that the Baghdad summit "turned into an official gate for the return of Arab and regional balance again".

He said the summit "has revived unity for the Arabs in their aspirations for democracy, freedom, plurality, and rejection of extremism and violence".

In turn, Moroccan foreign minister Saadeddine Othmani told Mawtani, "Holding the Arab summit in Baghdad is sufficient evidence of Iraq's importance as a free, independent, united country -- a country where citizens feel the taste of freedom and fight for it."

"The Arabs are in need of Iraq returning again to its position of leading the joint Arab action during the present sensitive period through which the region is passing," he said.

Libyan foreign minister Ashour Bin Khayal told Mawtani, "It is possible to describe the summit as successful, and contrary to all expectations, we found Baghdad not like what the media and newspapers had painted."

Political analyst and professor of international relations at Baghdad University, Dr. Issam Farhan, told Mawtani, "The Baghdad summit has worked out in the interest of Iraq, placing it at the gates of an important historical turning point, because it is the first Arab summit that convened after the Arab Spring and after the transformation of a number of states into democratic systems."

He said the meeting in Baghdad has "considerable importance because it is the first forum where the new Arab leaders meet."




    منتصر علوان


    I think that the Arab summit was not up to the level and expectations. In fact, it was rather quick, did not discuss everything and was not attended by all the Presidents and Leaders of the Arab countries. This has greatly undermined its importance. We expected that the decisions would be different and tackle the important issues, issue decisions for the benefit of the Arab world and peoples. However, as usual nothing changed. It is a routine summit and nothing less or more. All its decisions are on paper.

  • ناجي الحيدري


    I think that the results were not as expected. In fact, the statements which preceded the Summit in Baghdad promised that this summit will be different from the others given the changes which occurred in the Arab world. Thus, I do not think that the summit was up to the events which took place in the Arab world. In fact, it has not dealt with and discussed the important issues. For instance, it has not taken a clear decision on the Syrian case and the revolution of the Syrian people. The same thing applies to the Iraqi case, supporting the country and the Iraqi Government, standing by it and discussing the interferences in the affairs of this country as well as many other issues.

  • مختار عبد


    The Maliki government is a legitimate, elected and constitutional government, and my personal view regarding Mr. Al-Maliki is that he is the most just individual to have ruled Iraq after Imam Ali, peace be upon him.

  • مازن عبد الخالق


    I have not seen anything new in the Arab Summit held in Baghdad. What I have seen is a scenario that happens every time during any Arab Summit. Many problems were not solved at all or even studied, and no decision was made. I think these meetings are just promoted by the Arab media; they focus on these summits to give them importance. It was just like any other summit that was held before. The problem of Syria has not been solved to this day. Bashar al-Assad is committing more tyranny and brutality. The killing machine is still destroying the unarmed citizens and children. The Arabs have not taken any stand against him; all they are doing is condemning and denouncing what is happening. Is this enough for our brothers in Syria?! Will the killing machine stop this way?!

  • حميد مهاوش


    I want to ask al-Maliki about the fruits of the Arab summit that was held in Baghdad and what it offered to the Iraqis. You are thieves and Iraq will take revenge upon you no matter what happened. Please, consider the pathetic conditions of the poor retirees and the Iraqis in general who suffer, while a villain like you enjoys clean water, conditioned air, and electricity. We seek God's help against you and I ask God to take revenge upon you and make your end very painful so that those who come after you would know that these are the supplications of the poor Iraqis against you. The Iraqis demand you to be better and to help them find all they need as to electricity, drinking water, sewerage, and construction. O God! Protect Iraq and the Iraqis from all thieves and spiteful and arrogant dictators. O God! Take revenge upon those who oppressed the Iraqis. I call on all Iraqis to always remember their rights and defend them better than ever. O God! Protect Iraq and its people. Amen O lord of the worlds.

  • فاضل قادر


    I think that our esteemed government has made many positive achievements in its performance and in many areas. I am convinced of that. This is a fact that cannot be denied; its achievements in the security issue, for example, were too great, and no one can outsell them in this area. The government has worked over the years in a positive way on the security issue, and it was able to achieve many successes on the ground. After this, the successes of the security issue are reflected on the economic and trade issue, and also its successes at the international level regarding its intensive work to bring Iraq to normal. These successes are what finally led to an Arab Summit being held in Baghdad, the home of security and peace. I don't deny that the government faced many difficulties because of the complexities of the internal political scene in Iraq, because of some people who fish in troubled waters, and who work on thwarting the government action. But, despite this, the government has managed to go beyond many of these obstacles, and has made many accomplishments at the level of the internal situation in Iraq. It has managed successfully in areas of its work, through the issuance of laws that are in the interest of the citizen, and through trade and economic stability. It is also continuing its attempts to eradicate unemployment and secure the everyday lives of the citizen. I don't deny that there are some areas in which the government has failed, but I don't think that it should bear the responsibility alone. But the parliament and others demanded political participation; those who restricted the work of the government action if it would get rid of this participation. If everyone began working for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqi people, we would have seen more successes achieved on the ground, which the Iraqi citizen will handle in a greater way than he is today. I wish I could appreciate the role of managing the issues and succeeding in dealing with them for serving our country and putting it in its natural position.

  • ahmed


    Baghdad’s summit stressed the important role of Iraq and took it back to the Arab world as a true player in the Arab causes, particularly given that Iraq woill remain as president of the summit for one year and serve as the leader of the Arab region during this critical period which is full of challenges and the changes that occurred in the Arab world. It also marked the return of Iraq to take the lead of the joint Arab work, which is a great victory for Iraq following long years of isolation from the Arab world. Consequently, I think that the summit came at a very beneficial time and it will be a good start that could open the road before other achievements in the other fields in Iraq. The decisions of this summit will be implemented, particularly given that it would support Iraq and the other Arab cases. The Arab summit would also improve the role of Baghdad and Iraq in the Arab arena after long years of isolation and absence. Hence, I think that these achievements would be achieved completely after hosting the summit in Baghdad.

  • ايهاب


    Holding the Arab summit in Baghdad is a great achievement and success for the Iraqi political regime, government, and people. It was a success to our country in general, because this summit represented a full recognition on part of all the political leaders of the Arabism of Iraq and its importance in the Arab region, as well as the great role it can play. I think that this Arab summit would be a good start and it will bring Iraq back to the Arab arena to be the representative of the Arabs as it has always been. At the same time, it will open horizons for the cooperation and consolidation of the Iraqi relations with all the Arab states in this summit. Some states had some reservations and their relations were not normal, but this summit solved all the problems and the troubles and restored the spirit of cooperation, love, and Arabism between Iraq and its neighbors and brothers from the Arab states.

  • غسان عبد العزيز


    The Arabic Summit was successful by all measures. It first made Iraq a leading Arab nation at this stage and pulled the rug out from under Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who destroyed the nation. Second, Iraq returned to its international position after losing it during the era of the buried Saddam. Third, Iraq has become strong and healthy and there is no place for terrorists in it after today.

  • علاء اللامي


    Blessed are the efforts of the Iraqi people, who stood as one man for the success of the Arab Summit, which has been held on the land of Mesopotamia after a long absence of the Arabs, due to the follies of the previous system.

  • بدر عبد الله


    If there were negative effects caused by this summit which the people on the streets and the Iraqi citizens had to endure as a result of the security measures, the closing of roads, prolonged holidays, the halting movements and normal activities and price hikes, nevertheless, we have to bear this for the sake of Iraq and its interests, so that Iraq can return to what it used to be before, as the Arab summit has not been held in Iraq for a long time, for a period of approximately 20 years. I believe that this summit will prove to be beneficial to Iraq, and not just Iraq, but also to many Arab countries. It has come at the right time, especially after the major changes that have taken place in the Arab world, following the Arab Spring and the radical political upheavals that have occurred in many Arab countries. At the same time, I believe that this summit will have a significant role in making the Iraqi authorities realize the responsibilities that they have as representatives of the people and the country, and this could be a step toward a real national reconciliation, after they realize their real role in leading the country. Most certainly, many resolutions will come out that will stress the importance of supporting and standing beside Iraq, and providing it with help and assistance, and launching numerous investment projects there and preventing external interference in Iraq’s affairs, and ensuring its sovereignty. So, we were really in need of this support from our Arab brethren.

  • شامل هيوا


    What is going on in Iraq? What is this silence, coldness and indifference regarding the Iraqi issue? The terrorist groups are wandering and roaming in Iraq and no one stops them or takes any real action against them. There must be a strong plan against them in order to finish and put an end to the armed gangs that threaten the stability and security inside Iraq. It is essential that we close the borders with Iran and Syria. Precautions must be taken in order to put an end to this farce, to get rid of the armed criminal terrorist gangs which have spread again among the people. Lives must be protected and souls must be saved. All officials in authority, the government, the ministries, the security forces, the army and the police must act seriously and firmly in order to get rid of all the terrorist groups, so that stability and security will prevail. The citizen must witness stability and live in comfort. This happens when the crimes and the breach of law and security stop. The government must act seriously and quickly to stop all the terrorist operations; it can do this, just as happened during the Arab Summit in Baghdad. The Iraqi people are worthy of being protected more than any of the others who were protected during that summit. Add to this the people's right to get their share of their country's wealth, instead of spending lots of money on the outward appearances, buying flowers and golden plates. The people are ready now to revolt against this failure of a government; hence, everyone will regret it, while regret will do no good.

  • عبدالكريم موسى


    The Summit of Baghdad requests development. It is looking for it with the United States and the Western countries, and invests abroad. The Summit of Baghdad is just like any other previous Summit that denounces and condemns without taking a courageous position on the Palestinian cause. The Summit of Baghdad demands that the Security Council solve its problems. The Arab League will not be beneficial unless the peoples have arisen themselves first before they arise against the regimes. The Arab League is clinically dead.

  • رياض


    The outcome of the Summit of Baghdad was something that is not up to the aspirations of the Arab people. Resolutions do not exist. In fact, they say what they do not do regarding human rights, democracy, rotation of power, development, advanced technology, and State of law. The Summit of Baghdad stressed the non-interference in the internal affairs of the Member States. However, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have the right to intervene in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria regarding the circulation of power. They inherited monarchy and the respect for human rights. They apply it to their own people through oppression, force and brutality. The Summit of Baghdad emphasizes that the media is based on incitement, discrimination and sowing discord. It is an oriented media and it is malicious towards national unity. It is true that the Qatari Al-Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Saudi Arabia, and dozens of channels fuel the events according to what they see and implement them serving their interests.

  • عبير ناظم


    The Summit was held for the issue of Syria, not more, not less, and this of course is all Iraqi Street talks about, despite the current Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s refusal of any interference by the Arab Summit. This is the largest proof that the Arab Summit that was held in Baghdad had proven its failure and is unacceptable. There were no desired results from it. It would be worthwhile for the managers and the supervisors as well as initiators of this project to think of giving these enormous sums of money to the poor Iraqi families that cannot find food, housing or employment.

  • محيسن عودة


    I, too, as an Iraqi citizen, would like to direct some constructive criticisms to the current Iraqi Government. In fact, the latter did not fulfill any of its obligations in terms of providing humanitarian services to the people of Iraq. The Iraqi citizens are deprived of human services, which increased the suffering of people in the country to an incredible extent. The Iraqi Government is like a doctor who pretends to cure people while he is sick. Those who follow the movements of the Iraqi Government that vowed to solve the problems of others in foreign countries, namely in Iran, Syria and Bahrain, and many other nations might think that it had fulfilled all its obligations towards the Iraqi people. They might assume that the Iraqi people have achieved self-sufficiency in the various services and does not lack anything at all. Unfortunately, the facts show something very different.

  • رسول كريم


    The Summit of Baghdad carries with it many positive decisions which establish common Arab work and these decisions must be applied on the ground so that the Arab citizen can see the achievements of his leaders, who are looking for everything that would make a shift of the paradigm in the Arab countries in all areas through common work and coordination in the fields of economy, politics and also in the issue of combating terrorism and its ideas, which have been invading the region for years because of the policies of some regimes that support extremism. These ideas and actions made the Arabic region a region filled with tensions and problems because of terrorism. The results of the Summit of Baghdad in this regard and on the economic side, I think, were successful and different from many summits that preceded it, from which we did not see the resolutions and accomplishments but only speeches. We expect good things from the decisions of the Arab Summit of Baghdad and the common Arab work after the return of Iraq to its leading position, which will make effective the common Arab work and also make the Arab Summits effective in implementing these decisions and committing to them.

  • سالم


    The success of the Summit of Baghdad is a dagger in the hearts of the enemies, the enemies of peace and freedom.

  • عمر احمد


    In my mind, the Arab Summit since its first inception, I do not see that it did anything or achieved anything on the ground that could affect or alter the Arab situation, or lift the Arab people from the loss and absence of views, and sharpening of problems between the Arab countries. If we talked about the Summit of Baghdad, its success lay in the return of Iraq to the Arab world. This is important and good for us Iraqis, despite some attempts intended to thwart this Summit and thwart it in Baghdad. If we talk about the Summit of Baghdad, it established a new Arab situation through which the Arabic countries can have a uniform vision and common positions towards all the issues of interest to the Arab world, and this is of course what Iraq called for because the Arab League is sagging. It really needs to be restructured again and change its internal systems to be more efficient than they are today. I think that the Summit of Baghdad was a turning point towards the positive trend. We all would like to see common Arab cooperation and hope that the Arab Summits would succeed more than they did today, and that the Arab Summit routines that begin with speeches, words and end with recommendations, which have no result except that they are written only on paper because they are not approved, would end.

  • مهند


    Iraq will have an important role among the Arabic States soon.

  • فارس الزوبعي


    The holding of the Arabic Summit in Baghdad has shown the extent of its abject failure. It was just without results and nothing will happen, and the coming period and days will demonstrate the validity of this speech. The Arabi Summit that was held in Baghdad was merely a deceptive manifestation that exorbitant amounts have been spent on it so it would be said that the Summit was in such and such a way and that the dishes were plated with gold, food was served in them, and the flowers were luxurious and smelled nice, and the press was present, in addition to the decorations, arrangements and cups and delicious meals and the wonderful accommodation and the interesting conversations; all of this was existing, while all that happened was just bunk and useless.

  • ياسر عباس


    It is regrettable indeed to behave in the way that the Iraqi Government has undertaken. The situation in Iraq does not allow such things to happen, nonsensical issues and the Arabic Summit have always proven an abject failure, and it is a pointless Summit. They are just a form and an image. Unfortunately, such an issue happens which contributed to the disturbance of the Iraqi people and it is something that caused the deterioration of their situation. The Iraqi families have remained under the state of curfew for a week and this is what contributed to the significant damage of the citizens and made them complain of this thing despite many cases that are important and necessary and were not supposed to be delayed, like the reviews of the citizens or their traveling or their movement from one place to another, or other issues that needed to be continued, but because of the summit it happened what has happened and it is the greatest proof of failure and false appearances, and spending a lot of money which would better have been spent on the people and to provide electrical power to them, and to provide all this protection to the Iraqis and not for others, while the Sirs members were at the summit of Baghdad there were many, varied bombings occurring in Baghdad and all the other areas, and many young people have been arrested under the pretext of terrorism and that they are wanted groups. All these things have contributed to the anger of the Iraqi street, causing them harm, and it would have been better for the situation to be natural so that those arriving in the land of Iraq would see the Iraqi suffering and tragedy, and the situation undergone by the Iraqi people, not that people are deprived of food while others eat from the dishes plated with gold. These are not attributes of the Muslims and Allah the Almighty does not accept injustice. The Arab summit that was held in Iraq will not manage to resolve one issue and the coming days will prove this thing.

  • حسن امين


    As usual, there is nothing new. This is my opinion about the Arab Summits irrespective of its location. We get nothing from the Arab Summits. What did this summit do? Let us review the decisions and then go to the results. What happened can be summarized as follows: - Late Arab acknowledgment of the new reality in Iraq (which was useless). - The achievements of the Summit were few compared to the funds that were spent on it (as usual). - The Summit failed to be up to the developments of the Arab Spring’s revolutions that toppled a number of the Arab governments (they are always absent as they live in non-Arab states). - The Syrian opposition was disappointed about decisions of the Arab Summit and it demanded quick and effective steps to provide relief to the Syrian people and the Syrian cities (this is impossible. The Summit cannot help anyone because it needs help first to be reformed and to return to the right track). - The speech of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was greatly disappointing, particularly when he called for refraining from arming the Free Syrian Army as if he is giving the green light to the gangs of Al-Asad to commit more massacres and mass murder. - All speeches of the Arab leaders were below the level, as usual. - Absence of all the Arab kings and Gulf emirs, except the Emir of Kuwait was striking because they act as if they do not belong to the Arab world. This is only a sample of the disappointing results of this unsuccessful Summit and this is the last thing we can say about it because it was catastrophic to some people who hoped to be saved through the decisions of this unsuccessful Summit.

  • الياس عبيد


    It is known that there have been disagreement, discord and differences among the Arab States, whether disagreement about their relationship with each other as Arab countries, or their relationships with the outside world, especially the great powers like Russia, China and America. The points of agreement of the Arab countries among themselves are very few, whether in the political, economic or military fields. The Arab Summit was held in Iraq after an absence of more than 22 years since it had been held there. After that, the Iraqi State suffered in persuading the leaders of the Arab countries, especially the Egyptian State, to host the events of this Summit, and also the Iraqi State suffered in persuading the Arab leaders to attend it. It is well known that only 10 leaders of the Arab countries are those who attended it out of 21 Arab countries after freezing the membership of the Syrian State. The Arab Summit was held amid hopes and expectations of better results and amid hopes that this summit would bring to the Arabs something new. However, the topics discussed at this Summit were the same topics that were discussed in the previous Arab Summits. However, topics like the Common Arab Market were discussed as well as unifying the currency and other issues which the observer of the scene and the policy read by heart. The points of difference among the Arab countries are many and there are a very few points of agreement. Therefore, there will be no active or vital decision that the Arab leaders may come out with in one of the Summits. Even discussing the Syrian issue, in spite of the massacres committed by the regime against the defenseless people, you will find people who defend it in this Summit like Iraq and other countries that supported the remaining of the Syrian regime. DUPLICATE

  • عراقي


    I thank Mr. Nuri al-Maliki for the excellent and kind hospitality and the beautiful farewell. He really showed the Iraqis that he wants to achieve everything good for the Iraqis. God willing, good things will happen to Iraq by the will of Almighty God. As long as Iraqis breathe, everything will be better. I want to thank the heroic security forces that worked hard to provide security, safety and stability.

  • صفاء


    God willing, the relations with the Arab world will be improved and become better. Iraq is one of the leading Arab countries with a high status. May God save the Iraqis and give the Iraqi government the strength and patience, so that Iraq will achieve development and become one of the most advanced Arab countries. God willing, all this will happen. I am very happy about the development happening in Iraq. It was a historic day, the Arab Summit! God willing, there will always be pride in Iraq. History will record that Iraq gathered all the loving Arab brothers in this year in order to discuss the current circumstances of their countries. May God bless them with goodness, so that they will elevate Iraq! God is the owner of bounty and kindness.

  • قاسم الجبوري


    The Arab Summit witnessed great success, because it helped Iraq to connect with the Arab countries. If Iraq needs any help from any of them, it will be greatly supported. Thank God, the Summit ended in a good and peaceful way. This is what we were looking for. Iraq wanted the Summit to succeed and it did, just as every Iraqi was hoping for. We want more progress and development. The progress that happened is a good omen for Iraqis that everything is going all right. God willing, Iraq will achieve more progress and development. God willing, this summit will be a good beginning for all Arabs and Iraqis. This summit brought together many countries which have to unite and become stronger in order to move forward towards development. The Arabs have to find a solution to the issues in their countries and to find the reasons for the occurrence of these problems and issues.

  • ابو وليد


    The Arab Summit is the worst event, and what they have done is the worst. I don't want to talk much about the Arab Summit, because it makes me nervous and worried. I don't even want to remember it, so that I don't get upset. The more Iraqis hear and read this news, the more they die each day, because of anxiety, hunger and sickness. I don't want to die like these Iraqis, because I support my family; I am their only supporter. The Iraqi government is a failure and cannot do anything, and when they do something, they make Iraq the country of the farce, poverty and sickness. God willing, this government will fall before Iraq falls. May God protect Iraq and its people! Amen, O Lord of the Worlds!

  • كرار عادل


    I pray to God to punish them and to protect the poor Iraqi people from them and from the oppressing people who work with them. I swear it was a disgrace and humiliation of all Iraqis. I despise the Arab Summit the most because it was the worst summit ever. I want to know what good thing they decided. For God's sake, I want to know so that my heart will rest assured. Every one of them lies to the other. They know everything, yet did they solve the Palestinian issue? Did they solve the issue of Iraq, which lives in hunger, oppression and diseases? Did they solve the issue of terrorism and the terrorists of the al-Qaeda organization? I swear by God, all the Arab rulers are filthy bastards. If they had known that they were coming for justice and righteousness, they would have done everything they could to solve the unresolved issues in the Arab countries and Iraq. But, they came just to brag and they don't even know why they came. They came and they took the money from the poor Iraqis. They took the money from the oil, and they took their luggage, carrying expensive things. The Iraqis wipe their hands against the wall and they don't even know what is happening. As for the press coverage, there were certain people assigned to cover the event. They were paid to come to Iraq. There were Iraqi journalists from certain and known places. This is the biggest failure of the Arab Summit. The Iraqis were hopeful for the results. Yet, what happened is the exact opposite. Unfortunately, the Iraqi government did not benefit the Iraqis; on the contrary, it harmed them for its own interests.

  • ناصح احمد


    I swear by God, the biggest failure that happened in Iraq is the Arab Summit. I swear by God, it was like a farce and it reflected their ill manners. The Iraqi government spent millions and bought those who came to the summit. They came and talked a bit; then they ran away. I don't think anything good will happen because of this Arab Summit. Did al-Maliki solve the issues of Iraq? Did he ask them to do something good and did they respond? No, because he is a liar and they are worse than he is. They do not cause anything except failure, poverty and hunger. The Iraqi people are poor; they have lived through days of disgrace, fear and anxiety. They sit at home without the internet, communications or means of transportation. They have lost everything. I swear if he, i.e. al-Maliki, had control over the air, he would have cut it off too. But, thank God, the air is something that only God controls.

  • طارق عبيد


    Certainly, this summit is a milestone in the history of Iraq after the American occupation, even though the Arab Summits have no taste or excitement, and most of the Arab people are not eager to hold them. There is no bright future seen as a result of holding these summits, because most of the past summits have failed. When we look at the actions and decisions of the Arab Summit, we will see that they are already prepared by the Arab ambassadors and the foreign ministries in the Arab League. The decisions of the Arab League are issued to renew the good behavior in order to please the western sponsor. Each country needs a summit of its own to solve its problems and issues. As for the Arab Summit in Iraq, two days were not enough to discuss this large number of important issues, to issue decisions and to examine solutions. In the end, they are set aside and no one looks into them. It is necessary to study all the issues which were suggested in the former summit by the foreign ministries, ambassadors and experts, and to come up with solutions, keeping all the political and economic aspects in mind, in addition to the Arab international relations and the Arab potentials in general. It is also necessary to give advice to the Arab leaders for conferring, conversing and then accepting and issuing decisions to be executed. As for Iraq's summit, holding this summit and the attendance of those countries confirm that Iraq is liberated and no one can claim the contrary. Holding the summit represents a message to all the parties, inside and outside, that Iraq is truly on its way to recovering from all the stumbles, as Iraq did not witness any acts of violence.

  • شوكت حاتم


    As in the past, this is my opinion regarding the Arab Summit wherever it was held. Every time it was held, we got nothing from what happened in it. Let us look at what happened in it, and let us move after that towards the results. What happened could be summed up in the following: - A belated Arab recognition of the reality of the things happening in Iraq (and, thus, in vain). - The content gotten from the Summit is few if compared to the amounts which were spent on it. (Like every time, they do the same.) - The Summit failed to keep up with the facts of the Arab Spring that hit a number of Arab Governments. (It is always absent from reality, as if they were from countries other than Arab.) - The forces of the Syrian opposition reacted to the Arab Summit resolutions with a lot of disappointment, demanding effective and quick steps for the relief of the people and the Syrian cities. (This is contrary to what the Summit is doing. It will not rescue anybody in case the Summit finds itself in need of rescue to reform it and bring it back to its right path and its aim.) - The speech that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki delivered was disappointing to a large extent, especially when he called for not arming the free army as if he is giving the green light to the gangs of al-Assad to commit more massacres and persist in the killings. - All the speeches delivered by the Arab leaders were substandard, as usual. - The absence of all the Arab kings and the princes of the Gulf States except the Prince of Kuwait (as if they do not belong to the Arab world). All of this and more regarding the disappointing results of that unsuccessful summit, and this is the least description of it, if it was not devastating for some people that had been hoping to be rescued by the decisions of this unsuccessful summit.

  • جابر عبدالله


    The Iraqi citizen pinned all his hopes on the results of the Arab summit and the decisions that were issued by the conference in order to assure the Iraqi citizen about achieving the objectives of the joint Arab work, which is in urgent need to get human services such as electricity and healthcare services, in addition to the health and security cooperation between the Arab states in order to achieve the security and stability in addition to elimination of the terrorist organizations at all levels. This also applies to the investment activities that move the wheel of development in the country and eliminate unemployment that causes poverty and need in Iraqi society. The results of these conditions are backwardness, diseases, and social breakup. In addition, the Arab summit played a significant role in handling some important issues in the Arab arena, including the Palestinian case and the Syrian revolution to solve the armed conflict in Syria. We hope that these decisions were not merely ink on paper and will not disappoint the Arabs in general and the Iraqis in particular.

  • حسين صباح


    Hosting this conference will have positive influences on the relations of Iraq with the Arab world in all the political, social, and economic aspects. This will also accelerate the process of offering services that are needed by Iraq through broadening the horizons of cooperation with the Arab states. This will be positively reflected on the Iraqis who suffer from the serious lack of human service, especially food, medicine, security, stability, and infrastructure. Iraq needs to get rid of unemployment, ignorance, and poverty in addition to getting rid of Iranian hegemony, which became very clear in all manifestations of the Iraqi society. That is because Iran is involved in acts that aim at destroying the Iraqi economic infrastructure and looting the Iraqi wealth in deceptive ways. All these factors led to the current difficult conditions that embitter the life of the Iraqis.

  • ناصح محمد


    Why have they excluded Syria? Does it not need someone to contribute in solving its current outstanding issues? I wonder if it is a foreign country. Supposedly, Syria will be the main theme of the Summit and not the opposite, in addition to Egypt, which is currently suffering from instability, as well as Yemen and many other countries that are going through unrest and instability. Therefore, the image reflects what may happen. The Arab Summit will be a mere meeting that will be held and will gather people and the media. However, we should not expect any result from it. They will present not even a single solution for the events which are happening to the Arab Nation. Indeed, I am totally sure about this issue and we shall pray to Allah to grant help to the poor Iraqis, given that they have been subjected to further bombing, murder and assassination acts. Allah is our only helper.

  • عبدالعزيزالخزاعي


    The summit is over! But when are we going to gain the fruits of it?