Iraqi army arrests 'emir of Mosul'

The Iraqi army detained an al-Qaeda leader in Mosul this week. Above, a detainee arrested during a security operation in Dour in 2010. [Sabah al-Bazee/Reuters]

The Iraqi army detained an al-Qaeda leader in Mosul this week. Above, a detainee arrested during a security operation in Dour in 2010. [Sabah al-Bazee/Reuters]

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Iraqi army forces on Wednesday (April 4th) detained the Islamic State of Iraq's "emir of Mosul".

"The so-called Abu Abd al-Baghdadi was arrested in a military operation launched by a special unit of the Iraqi army east of Mosul," Defence Ministry spokesperson Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Askeri told Mawtani.

The operation involved a raid on an al-Qaeda hideout that was inside of a building that had offices that sold and bought residential and commercial real estate, according to al-Askeri.

Al-Baghdadi did not put up any resistance during his arrest, he said.

Al-Askeri said al-Baghdadi, 47, became the organisation's emir in Mosul after the former emir, Abu Talha, died last year in a conflict with the Iraqi army.

Al-Baghdadi represents the first generation of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and he participated in numerous clashes in Fallujah, Tal Afar, Qaim and Samarra, in addition to launching various terrorist operations, al-Askeri said.

He said al-Baghdadi's arrest was "a positive indicator of the performance of the security and intelligence services, especially [Iraq's] military intelligence and [its] national intelligence service".

Lt. Col. Abdul Raheem al-Atwany, spokesperson for Ninawa Operations Command, told Mawtani, "Thirty members of a commando force who were trained to storm buildings and carry out highly risky missions took part in the operation."

Al-Atwany said the force that conducted the raid found explosives and weapons hidden in a recently built underground cache.

The cache contained 900 kilogrammes of explosives, forty-three 120-mm calibre mortar rounds, 21 explosive charges and two Katyusha rockets, and five small barrels containing black powder used to manufacture explosive charges.

The force also found "identifications and weapons belonging to security personnel who were killed by this terrorist and his cohorts", said Abdul Raheem al-Shammary, chairman of Ninawa Provincial Council's defence and security committee.

"[Al-Baghdadi] was also involved in the recent Haditha attacks which targeted the Iraqi security forces," al-Shammary told Mawtani.

Al-Shammary said al-Baghdadi "provided a huge amount of important information, not only regarding Mosul, but also on al-Qaeda's leadership and its cells in various parts of Iraq".

Hassan al-Sunaid, the chairman of parliament's defence and security committee, praised al- Baghdadi's arrest.

He called on the Iraqi forces to "keep pressure on the terrorist groups to detain more al-Qaeda leaders while maintaining a balance in the operations in a way that does not threaten human rights in Iraq".




    محب للموصل والعراق


    All of the terrorists are savages and criminals, they do not belong to the peaceful people of Mosul who suffered a lot from the terrorism of the intruders and the displaced to Mosul. They came to Mosul from the outside and they are spreading sabotage. All they care about is collecting money through kidnapping, killing and plundering in the name of Islam and Islam has nothing to do with them. The son of Mosul knows them very well, because the Sun cannot be hidden by a screen.

  • حمدي مجيد


    Terrorist al-Qaeda members in Mosul and terrorist cells that exist and work secretly there are still responsible for the precarious life in Mosul province. The latter has become one of the main Iraqi provinces which suffered from terrorism because of the terrorist attacks which took place there and the murder and assassination acts which affected a lot of people. As far as I am concerned, al-Qaeda is active in Mosul because of many reasons. Perhaps the most important of them is that terrorists consider this Province as one of the provinces of their infidel nation which they have formed. In addition, Mosul is one of the most important terrorist al-Qaeda stations through which this Organization distributes suicide bombers to the other provinces, according to the confessions of al-Qaeda leaders, and because I believe that the support of this Organization comes from Mosul and some neighboring countries which are assisting al-Qaeda in Mosul. In fact, the fact that al-Qaeda has always existed there means a larger tragedy and instability for people in Mosul. It is really enough that life in this Province is about to be halted for a time because of al-Qaeda and terrorists there who have prevented all manifestations of life and of everything there. In addition to that, people have sat in their houses without going out for fear of being targeted in their lives or honor by these criminal despicable people.

  • صلاح الدين


    Al-Qaeda is working hard in order to wipe out the aspects of civilization in our lives, and remove progress and create chaos in the country. They are devoid of humanity and they have no conscience. People should lead a life of peaceful coexistence and brotherhood, far from fanaticism and extremism and killing people and destroying societies, and they have failed to understand the dangerousness of their deviance and the depravity of their actions, and as such, they engage in criminal activities and other illegal actions. These disgraceful acts are devoid of any wisdom or courage or right judgment, as the criminals do not have discernment or courage, and they are merely groups that execute what they are told to do in exchange for money, fame, vengeance or because they have succumbed to strong temptations and passions that lead them towards deviance, especially when people have become used to them and cannot stop engaging in them.

  • صهيب حمد


    God willing, O Lord of the universe, there will be no other problems in Iraq. The position of the terrorists will end, God willing, O Lord of the universe.

  • كامل محمد شهاب


    The residents of Mosul need substantial support from the Iraqi Government and the security forces to rid them of the terrorists permanently and promptly in Mosul so that there will be no problems, malignancy or wretchedness. We, the Iraqis, want to rest. If the issues remained as they are, Iraq will perish and if the situation is not improved in Mosul, the terrorists will increase all over Iraq. We do not tolerate this at all. I think that the Iraqi Government has to intervene and send troops to Mosul in order to stop the terrorist acts there and so that the situation will be much better. We must bear the responsibility and help our people in Mosul. I want Allah the Highest, the Greatest, to save Iraq and its people, as well as the residents of Mosul who are in most need of this prayer. God willing, everything will be better and the Iraqi Government must send great support to Mosul in order to get rid of that big problem.

  • ناصر صادق


    Unfortunately, the activity of al-Qaeda has increased in Iraq, especially in the poor provinces that have not enjoyed the situation that had returned to them. They had gotten rid of the terrorists for a period of time, but what happened was that the terrorists of al-Qaeda returned again to perform menial and impure acts of killings, booby trapping of cars, and killing of innocent citizens. No one knows from where they entered or how. The Iraqi Government now says that the Iraqi borders are safe, but where are the security and safety which they speak of? By Allah the Magnificent, this is a lie and they fabricate lies to Iraq, nothing more and nothing less. I just want to know how the terrorists entered Mosul so easily. Hence, there must be complicity from the Iraqi Government and they do not want the province of Mosul to be a quiet and beautiful province. Regarding the border guards, Iraq has not done any good work so far and they do not protect the borders. Instead, they allowed the terrorists to enter into Iraq comfortably.

  • هاجر


    The great concern that scares the terrorists and impedes their movement is that their senior leaders might be arrested. Indeed, the heroic security forces of Iraq are still currently arresting those despicable and unfaithful groups. The senior leaders of al-Qaeda are the most important because they are the ones who are making the plans and putting them into practice. They are the ones who know what they want to do. Therefore, the Iraqis want to capture the most important category of them in order to eliminate the criminal acts that occur in Iraq regarding killings, sabotage, murder, and claiming the lives of the people. Allah is the one who knows how much the Iraqis are afraid of what is happening to them with regards to the acts of terrorism and the terrorists because the terrorists are cowards with their ways of killing, slaughtering, booby trapping cars, explosions of all kinds, and their excellence in doing so in order to raise fear and terror among the sects of the Iraqi people.

  • مصطفى رجب


    I greet all the sons of the brave Iraqi Security Forces with all its categories and divisions who have been doing a great job all over the last years. In fact, they are fighting this destructive ideology, dissension and the outlaws. They are getting rid of them one after the other.

  • عامر نصيف


    All we need is patience and faith; violence only begets violence, and they are well trained not to talk easily even under the influence of the worst kinds of torture as they have faith and they believe in it. Religious people can be used to advise and direct them towards righteous deeds; let us pray that Allah may help the security forces in all the Arab countries and may Allah protect all the countries from any harm.

  • ثائر عادل


    Of course, and it is a fact that the security of Iraq and the Iraqi government’s arrest of the heads of al-Qaeda and the heads of the terrorist organizations operating in Iraq will lead to the establishment of security sooner or later, and I say this because it is also sure that the members of these organizations and their subsidiary leaders in Iraq and outside will not leave things like the arrest of their leaders or allow their death to go in vain, without any reaction. And he who believes otherwise is tragically wrong and, of course, they will react with a vengeance. But they will retreat and be quiet and abated until they find a leader to rally them again. The security in Iraq has become a dilemma of all the standards and across all the levels. The security is the key to any progress and prosperity in Iraq and without security, there will be no progress in any field. On the contrary, you will find delays in tourism and delays in the economy. You'll find delays in construction and in trade, whether domestic or foreign, you will find delays in everything and you will find the instability of the security a dilemma and an obstacle in the way of any progress.

  • الحمداني


    I support the death penalty against anyone who harms the Iraqi people. At the same time, I am against revealing the names of the people who were caught for intelligence reasons.

  • الحمداني


    I support the death penalty against anyone who harms the Iraqi people. At the same time, I am against revealing the names of the people who were caught for intelligence reasons.

  • عزت محمود


    Al-Qaeda is present nearly everywhere in Iraq, and everyone should acknowledge that as well. Certainly, they are located in many places, but I say and think that they have many, many sleeper cells everywhere. It is known that Mosul city is one of the cities that are crowded with terrorism. There is something called the Islamic Iraqi state there, and this is the religious name that they call themselves. This organization has spread and become progressive in Mosul, and it seems to control every small and big thing in it. Even the security and the security systems cannot deal with them, or, to put it more accurately, they fear them, as it was said that even the security there has been breached by the armed Islamic state recently. The danger of this organization has spread and progressed in Mosul, due to the lack of support that was coming from abroad, whether the money or the bombings. Therefore, the members of this organization have started to impose what is known as blackmail or extortion against the traders and the owners of the shops there. Either you pay or your business will be subjected to recession and stealing; and if you move, your fate will almost certainly be death. They charge these payments so as to be able to finance themselves in Mosul and outside it, and so as to be able to continue what they have started there, which is killing those who do not pay them, killing those who do not believe in their ideas and oppose them, and killing those who do not believe in their religion, whether they are Christians, Yazidis or others. Killing and terrorizing are the things that the people of this city have witnessed at the hands of the armed groups there.

  • حسين


    May God relieve our countries of the schemes of the terrorist organizations and armed groups that are sponsored by the criminal states that do not want any goodness or stability happening in Iraq! These states support the terrorist organizations, so that they represent them in destroying Iraq in order to control the land, kill the people and steal the fortunes. O God, restrain their hands, wipe out their hearts and punish them severely, as You are The Almighty and The Omnipotent! Make them taste the painful torment and protect Iraq and its people from the evil of terrorism, the lack of security and the loss of the lives of people and their stability, due to these brutal actions. O God, give power to the people of Iraq against the greedy terrorist organizations and other criminals, so that the Iraqis will defeat them. O God, give great victory to the Iraqis over them! O Lord of the Worlds and Supporter of the weak! Give victory to Your worshipers against their and Your enemies. O God, raise the word of truth and the profound religion with your mercy and power, for You are the Firm Possessor of Strength.

  • مختار عبد الحسن


    I call upon the Iraqi Government to sentence the members and the leaders of al-Qaeda as well as other criminal organizations and armed groups who have been arrested and detained by the Iraqi Security Forces whose hands have been stained with the blood of the innocent people of the secure and unarmed Iraqi people.

  • خلات


    The penalty for these killers and criminals who carry out acts such as car bombings to kill the innocent people should be severe penalties and the Iraqi courts consider their issues for the purpose of settling and implementing them quickly, without showing them any mercy or pity as a reward for what their dirty hands have committed such as criminal acts that killed many innocent people and have also spread fear and panic among the innocent people.

  • نصر الدين


    Our Lord, you know our situation and the situation of the Iraqi people and what they are suffering during years of destruction and an unprecedented history of killings at the hands of dissolute murderers who stopped fearing you, O Allah, and did what they did to our families and our people in Iraq, including the crimes that do not please you. O Allah, you know well about the situation of our children who were killed during the attacks by the followers of terrorism and that our children live in an atmosphere of terror and fear because of the terrorist attacks, and you know the conditions of the widows. O Allah, be with them and be with our people and make Iraq a secure and assured country. O Allah, take away the sorrow for this nation and we ask you Allah by your glory and honor and your strength to bring down your anger on everyone who carries out terrorist operations, and claim the lives of these criminals to rid Iraq of their evil.

  • ايمان


    The people of Mosul are the cause of all of this, because they were the first who provided Al-Qaeda with shelter.

  • صالح حسين الراوي


    Ninewa is one of the provinces where terrorism and the al-Qaeda organization have had an intense presence for many years, and Mosul has been for a long time one of the most active hotbeds of terrorism among the Iraqi cities, as the criminal elements of this monstrous organization have been carrying out their terrorist activities there. I think that Mosul is one of the big cities in Iraq, and also one of those that have border-crossing points with the neighboring Syria, and this has considerably helped the elements of this organization to become active in that province. Moreover, I think that the propagation of extremist ideologies in some of the cities in this province has had many dangerous consequences, and this has also deceived some of the youths that are not moderate enough in their way of thinking into joining the remnants of terrorism and takfir, after having been influenced by extremist and poisonous ideologies spread by the elements of al-Qaeda in Mosul, a city whose inhabitants have long been suffering from the woes of terrorism and its cowardly activities that are characterized by insanity and barbarity, targeting all the segments of society in the city of Mosul. The bombings and killings have not spared anything, and their impacts have been enormous and obvious on the residents of Mosul who have endured so much of the hardships caused by terrorism and the terrorist and takfiri organization of al-Qaeda, which has undermined security and stability in this province, to point that it engaged in robbing businesses and imposing taxes and engaging in looting and plundering activities. All of this has affected many business owners who were threatened by the force of arms by the elements of this despicable organization so that they could take possession of people’s money. Also, the hardships of the residents of Mosul were worsened by the activities of the al-Qaeda gangs that perpetrated all kinds of looting and plundering and kidnapping operations against civilians and those that are skilled and qualified, including professors and doctors, and demanding ransom from their families in exchange for their release. Such devilish activities had a very immense impact and consequences for the people, and created fear and terror in the hearts of peaceful civilians.

  • باسل محمد


    All our congratulations, love, appreciation and respect to the Iraqi police force and to all its members and its heroic men that are fighting terrorism in their efforts to rid us of the evil of this heretic organization and all its elements, hunting them down everywhere and capturing them one after the other, and enforcing the rule of law and implementing security and peace in every location in the country, and in every street of our dear and beloved provinces. They are deployed everywhere, day and night, and they are prompt to respond to any information that they receive, because they are always on the alert to confront the terrorists wherever they are. This is why we have seen this considerable improvement in the security situation, despite the fact that there have been some bombings, but there are no longer many bombings, daily killings and assassinations as was the case before, as we used to see the streets strewn with hundreds of dead people who were killed for no reason or known cause. I hope that the government will continue to provide complete support for the police forces, so that they can keep pursuing terrorism, and so that they can maintain control and restore the police forces’ authority in order to gain control over all the issues domestically and in all the provinces of the country. I believe that the police today is capable of maintaining peace and control over every situation, and perhaps the time has come for the army to withdraw from the cities and the streets, and return to their military barracks, and for only the police to take charge in its capacity as the security apparatus concerned with running the security operations inside cities and monitoring their situations. This is because they have really demonstrated that they are capable of this, and that they have the ability to successfully confront terrorism with force and determination.

  • العراقي


    Why do the members of al-Qaeda activate in Mosul governorate in particular? That is because they are Baathists and former commanders of the Republican Guard. However, this embitters the life of our people in Mosul. The spread of al-Qaeda in this beloved governorate, which is dear to all zealous and patriotic Iraqis, is because of its adjacency to Syria and distance from the central government, in addition to the rampancy of the unemployment among its youth. The causes also include the geographic nature of this governorate and its valleys and hills, which provide safe harbor to al-Qaeda and adjacency to Syria, which is the first stronghold of al-Qaeda in the Arab region. The large number of the valleys around this governorate also facilitates attempts to enter it.

  • قاسم


    The death penalty protects human souls and deters crime more than anything else deters. Terrorism is among the most horrible crimes and the death sentence must be executed against the terrorists, because we could not allow the perpetrators to enjoy their life normally without any deterrent punishments. Humanity knew the penal law since the dawn of history and it developed over time. The main purpose of the execution of the penalty is to take revenge upon the perpetrators and deter the other individuals of the society from committing terrorism. However, the purpose of the penalties developed with the development of criminology, which was affected by the social view of the crime and the criminal and adopted the so-called humanization of the penalties. The penalty did not become a purpose in itself, but it turned into one of the preventive methods. The death penalty is derived from sharia, as one of the religious prescribed penalties. Certainly, this penalty is a deterrent and it prevents the spread of the crimes and it is a necessity for protecting the society from the criminals who want to inflict harm upon the people and the society.

  • مولود طاهر


    These are not true human beings. In fact, they are the agents of the devil. They have committed crimes that violate all the human and divine laws. This is the true nature of these criminals. All the rulers of the Arab countries must be tried for their crimes against the Arab peoples, particularly Iraqis. Therefore, all the Arab peoples must call for the punishment and the killing of these criminals. Whoever murders another person without guilt must be executed, not to mention those who killed hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians. Moreover, these people were the only ones responsible for the sectarian strife that marred Iraq. Is it conceivable that people who kill people without distinction could be accepted in Paradise?

  • عبد القادر كتاب


    The premises of terrorists everywhere are always the same. Their view is based on the negligence of human life and the killing of civilians. They seek to intimidate people through false pretexts and misleading, flimsy and fabricated political arguments. Indeed, those who make booby trapped cars and explode them amid innocent people to kill them and scatter their body parts are not true humans. Whoever murders human beings in such a cruel way does not belong to the human race at all.

  • حمادة هادي


    The terrorist organizations with their different labels and directions are striving to reach the same goal, which is confusing the security situation and undermining the secure and stable international entities with bright slogans to attract the largest number of supporters who desire these logos. Then they make use of brainwashing, through abnormal and deviant ideas which they force on those people who fell into their claws. This is in addition to other temptations and that they are provided with, notably sex, drugs, money and the permission to violate all taboos until they fall into their nets. After this, they become fully drawn to them, and they become an easy tool in the hands of those terrorist gangs that have sold themselves to the devil. They themselves have perished, and they caused all those who followed them among the deceived people to perish as well. Thus, these terrorist organizations, like all the criminal gangs in the world, adopt the permission of vice and money in order to gain the greatest possible number of supporters of them among the lovers of wealth and fun. Most of them suffer from psychological complexities and do not have any value in the society in which they live. They find themselves by committing crimes, and through these atrocities, they feel that they are above everyone.

  • ابو هند


    Whoever reads the scene of daily life in Mosul will not be able to find a logical context of what is happening there. Our Iraq has become the theater of the absurd. The funny has become distressing and the distressing has become funny. Our Iraq has become pathetic sometimes and ironic sometimes, and other times it is rather disgusting and despicable. On a daily basis, we see and listen to thousand of stories; some of them may make you cry, some of them may make you laugh, and many of them make you burst out in anger. Iraq was called Mesopotamia, “the land between the two rivers”; it was the proudest nation, the source of science and civilization because of its cultural heritage, which enriched the whole world. The world’s museums are filled with Iraq's monuments. Now, Iraq has become the country of the million wonders; our wonders are our pains and signs. Our country has turned into the country of bitter bewilderment. Nineveh Province has a population of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and Chaldeans. Assyria's deep-rooted history goes back to 5000 BC. It was a village in which the ancient humans lived, then Assyrians; they lived in bigger parts, and it became their capital from the eleventh century till 611 BC. It was populated by the Assyrians, who left behind them a civilization that Nineveh is still a witness to. Nineveh is the town of monks and theological schools which attract many students and researchers. This town gave birth to many saints, such as St. Isaac, St. Michael and others. Now this city has become an arena for al-Qaeda after 2003. The scientists started to immigrate to other countries, looking for security and safety. What is happening in Mosul is a sort of exposed conspiracy; it gives a warning about the destruction of the city and its loss, amid suspicious governmental silence about what is happening. This only reflects their contentment with the Kurdish expansion and occupation of most of the city and its sections.

  • محمد البغدادي


    Al-Qaeda is very weak, but the problem lies in the security leadership. They are the ones who allowed al-Qaeda to become that big, due to their pointless plans, such building the concrete blocks around the cities. This gave the chance to the terrorist groups to be bold and execute their attacks against the innocent people. I advise the security leaders to reevaluate their plans and to give special care to the moral aspect of the security forces. They have to decrease the psychological pressure on the soldiers, increase the logistic supply and change the leaders of troops and brigades. Honestly, those officers have become the crocodiles of the modern age. They have forgotten their real jobs, as they should be the protectors of the nation and the people.

  • ياسر


    If Iraqis lived well and could earn a good living, crime would disappear, because the Iraqi people are peaceful and aren't familiar with such crimes. They denounce the crimes, wherever they are found in Iraq, because Iraq is a Muslim, conservative and committed country. Such crimes don't belong in Iraq, the Muslim country; rather, they belong to abnormal outlaws. The concerned authorities must face these criminals who have distorted the image of the Muslim Iraq.

  • نسرين


    The terrorists want to seize any opportunity to commit their despicable and cowardly acts. The people of Mosul have suffered a lot from these criminal acts, because the poor inhabitants of Mosul are suffering every day because of those acts. The terrorists are killing poor, innocent people every day, and the people of Mosul have long suffered from the filthy terrorist acts. The poor children cannot go to school to study. All that the terrorists want is this issue. The Iraqis must emphatically unite to confront this problem, and the Iraqi government must do everything possible in order to protect the Iraqi borders with the neighboring states. Also, Iran itself does not want goodness for Iraq and the Iraqis, as they kill the Iraqis in whatever way they can, in order to get rid of them, and it also sends the militants from everywhere to carry out acts of sabotage. Iran hates the people of Mosul, precisely because most of them are Sunni; and in this way, Iran wants to plant strife among the Iraqi people’s sects. Therefore, Iran wants to raise all kinds of distinctions among the Iraqis, by sending the militants across the borders. The poor people of Mosul have not enjoyed a single day. They had gotten rid of the terrorists for a short period of time, but after that period, the numbers of terrorists increased again very significantly, and all of this because of the dirty acts of terrorism that they are carrying out.

  • حيدر العادلي


    What we want from the Iraqi government is to close the borders and to regulate the borders well, so that there would be relative quiet, and we want the Iraqi government to work for Iraq and the Iraqis. The needy Iraqis among the residents of Mosul want comfort, after what has happened to them because of the filthy terrorist operations. I want to say that the Iraqis must work together and stick together in order to get rid of all the cowardly terrorist acts. O God, my Lord, save Iraq and its people.

  • عبدالرحمن ابو شيمة


    The people of Mosul governorate suffer from tiredness, exhaustion, misery, oppression, injustice, abuse, torture, slaughtering and bombings, and their lives have completely stopped. In addition, terror and fear are spreading among the citizens there. Their suffering is constant, and it didn't stop because of the existence of terrorists. The government has to enhance the military presence in the governorate, and get rid of all terrorists who tamper with the lives and souls of the innocent citizens. A lot of innocent blood of people who were not guilty of anything was shed for no reason. There has to be a military presence in the governorate. The security forces have to work day and night to destroy as many of the terrorists as possible, who move freely in the governorate without anyone to stop them. They have to be punished and handed over to justice, to receive the fair punishment they deserve for being the reason for destruction and sabotage in the governorate and the bloodshed of children, women, elders and the youth. They commit all these actions to control and spread their control over the other Iraqi governorates. They are constantly increasing, as they recruit the youth to execute all kinds of terrorist operations against the innocent people. Whoever opposes them or tries to resist them is immediately killed, even if he used to be one of them, because they consider him an apostate. This is what they call those who leave them, as they consider them deserters of what they were following, such as the concepts and groups of al-Qaeda. They declare those who leave them infidels, because they see themselves as adherents of the beliefs, principles and moral values of Islam.

  • نزار


    The reason behind the al-Qaeda operations activity is the internal fighting between the members of the government in the electoral competition or they do not stand neutral, dealing with what happens in Mosul objectively. It seems that the reluctance of the security leaders to address the crisis also foiled the Iraqi citizens, despite the numerous reports and statements that expressed the fears of the Iraqi Government from the Mosul crisis as well as the situation in all the disputed areas. Some Iraqi clergy have tried to reduce the intensity of the fighting in Iraq and soothe the situation, depending on the language of religion and reason, which deals with things with simplicity. The continuity of fighting will increase the degree of congestion as the continuing recriminations on the background of the bloody terrorist bombings occur continually as well as the daily security deterioration, assassinations and direct killings in the streets of the city in a state of isolation and the silence by the security leaders in the Iraqi Government. Also, there are officials who are suspiciously silent as if they want the tension to increase and that the mutual accusations should take more space. The crisis in Mosul had exceeded the dispute over administrative sites and it also exceeded the constitutional materials application. It is approaching the transition to a cohabitation crisis and it is a crisis which is not new but taking on a permanent failure status without succeeding in overtaking them. However, they were exploiting it to enhance its clout until the crisis turned into a part of the process of governing of the country. There are governmental bodies and other foreigners that have an interest in the crisis in Mosul, to reach the Parliament in the next election. They believe that the more they raise the level of congestion, the more their share will rise. This congestion and commotion that will accompany it will push the people to forget the issues of the services and economy, and make it easy to put the blame on others regarding the deteriorating security and poor performance in all sectors. Any crisis is a suitable opportunity to make gains without being accountable for failures.

  • منال رجب


    The members of al-Qaeda usually carry out their terrorist attacks and withdraw to Mosul where they receive public support and find safe hideouts. In fact, some of the people in Mosul have been either misled or forced to cooperate with this terrorist organization. As a result of this unstable situation in Mosul, the Iraqi people in this Province are suffering from the exaggerated activity of al-Qaeda, which is now threatening innocent civilians. Indeed, terrorists in Mosul are killing and bombing whoever rejects the perpetrators of the criminal acts who have already carried out a series of criminal bombings, leading to the destruction of many citizens’ places in some neighborhoods of the city of Mosul. These bombings wounded, displaced and claimed the lives of a large number of innocent people. Indeed, hundreds of families were forced to flee their houses because of the terrorist bombings. These people are now homeless and deprived of any protection. Mosul has become one of the cities that are in dire need to restore security and stability through the development of security plans to eradicate al-Qaeda. In so doing, the citizens there would live safely and away from the criminal acts carried out by al-Qaeda terrorists.

  • ثامر خالص


    The suffering of the people of Mosul has increased as a result of the acts of al-Qaeda members. The latter have carried out different kinds of looting and kidnapping acts against civilians and qualified people, namely teachers and doctors. In fact, they bargain with their families and ask for ransom against releasing them. Such devilish practices have had a major impact on people and sowed fear and terror among the unarmed civilians. Indeed, the Takfiri al-Qaeda has carried out a lot of crimes in Nineveh. The effects of such crimes were and are still present as they have resulted in a considerable number of orphans, widows and families who have lost their children in the attacks of these foolish murderers.

  • هادي محمود


    Nineveh is one of the provinces where terrorism and al-Qaeda have intensified their presence since several years ago. On the other hand, Mosul has always been the hottest Iraqi city because of the terrorist acts which are carried out by the criminal members of al-Qaeda, the filthy organization. As far as I am concerned, Mosul is one of the largest Iraqi cities which have got ports with neighboring Syria. This issue has contributed a great deal to activating the work of this Organization against the Province. In addition, I believe that the spread of the extremist ideology in some cities and provinces has had a lot of dangerous impacts, namely attracting some of the youth who lack enough moderate ideology that would prevent them from adhering to the remnants of terrorism and Takfiri people. These youth may be influenced by the poisonous ideas which are spread by al-Qaeda members in Mosul, the city whose citizens have always suffered from the scourges of terrorism and its crazy acts. The latter have been foolish and brutal, given that they have targeted all the social classes in Mosul. For instance, the bombing and murder acts have targeted everything and had a clear and considerable impact on Mosul people who have suffered a lot from terrorism and Takfiri terrorist al-Qaeda. This Organization has destabilized security and stability in the Province. It has even robbed shops, imposed taxes and carried out looting acts that affected a lot of merchants. The members of this abhorrent organization were threatening these merchants by means of weapons in order to get people’s money.

  • عباس طارق بلال


    The presence of terrorist al-Qaeda in the region depended on the provocation of sectarian strife and dissemination of ideas that create division and animosity among the categories of the Iraqi people. In fact, the terrorists resort to many methods of inflaming sectarian strife among the people in order to create a bitter conflict among the different sects in order to enhance the presence of al-Qaeda in the region. In this respect, the terrorist al-Qaeda is taking advantage of the varied landscape of Mosul, which includes mountains and valleys, making them safe hideouts for their rallies and starting points for their criminal attacks against other regions in the country. Besides, this region facilitates the entrance of weapons and fighters into Iraq as well as the speedy withdrawal in case of necessity. In fact, people in Mosul are exposed to instability as a result of the major crimes committed by al-Qaeda in the region as a whole.

  • طارق عبدالله


    I support a harsh sentencing for offenders against the Iraqi people.

  • رعد


    Dear brothers, Al-Qaeda controls most of the areas in Iraq, and the Iraqi government and the officials are asleep and their legs are under the sun. They know nothing about the current situation on the ground. They just give orders to the soldiers and then do not care whether the orders have been carried out or not. This is very natural.

  • فالح


    No comment! But I say thanks for this information and good luck!

  • سليمان غانم


    There are many ways to fight terrorist ideas by working together. There is one important way, which is using religion. Religious sheikhs should preach this during their prayers; religious men are the people who are in closest contact with the people, and therefore the people listen to them. They have a strong impact on people and on the ordinary citizens. This strong effect urges people to fight terrorists of all kinds, in order to save and protect our religion and our community, to keep it free from terrorists. We must do our best in order to kick them out of our lands, God willing! There will be more ideas that help us get rid of them. The existence of terrorists creates fear and worries among people, in particular the ordinary civilian citizens. All the terrorist acts constitute a big danger. In my opinion, every citizen must do his best to keep his spirits high; fighting terrorists must be carried out with all our might.

  • kawlah


    I demand the esteemed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as the commander of the armed forces to take extreme legal and punitive procedures against the leaders who are recognized as having failed to do their security duties. They are the custodians of Iraq's security and the safety of its people. These terrorist operations in our cities and our residential areas should not continue in this painful way which make us feel a lot of grief, pain and sadness that hurt our hearts. We see our country exposed from time to time to waves of terrorist attacks through car bombs that claim the lives of many innocent civilians and also the lives of many of our brothers in the army and police. Therefore, I am for the formation of security investigative committees to know who is negligent in the performance of his security work to be held accountable and punished.

  • الدجيلي


    In each period, the Iraqi people are exposed to a series of terrorist attacks in various provinces of Iraq which killed a large number of innocent Iraqi people as a result of these atrocities. The security leaders in the country took the responsibility primarily, which proved their limiting the testimony of the Parliamentary officials and the Iraqi Government. However, we did not find the blame or legal accountability towards these leaders by the competent courts for what these officials did in the security services that simplifies its influence on all the Iraqi territory. Their number exceeded a million security men which have been allocated to leaders who are elected and chosen by the Iraqi Government on the basis that these leaders will save Iraq from the dilemma it is facing because of the terrorist organizations. They are, each time, exposed to intrusive operations by the terrorist organizations. The case is registered as unknown, although these security breaches may leave behind them a large number of deaths and injuries that may also lead to the destruction of property and loss of families, and the same scenario will recur again.

  • نور محمود


    The poor Iraqi people faced many accursed terror attacks committed by the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which spread fear, terror and intimidation among Iraqi citizens. There are many martyrs who died without doing anything wrong. All the Iraqis live in a state of fear and terror. There is even something that is worse than terrorism, and yet the Iraqis bear it all. What can they do, after all? God is the generous one! It is the duty of the Iraqi government to do something for them, in order to relieve them of this big problem. The government has to take care of the Iraqis and become kinder and more compassionate towards the citizens. It has to work in the best way to relieve them of the terrorists. The poor Iraqis suffer each day a thousand times, yet God Almighty supports them. Iraqis already know that their stupid government will not do anything for them. I am sick of the violence taking place in Iraq. I think all the despicable terrorist attacks are cowardly actions, because targeting the citizens in this brutal way is the worst thing that can happen. I hate the terrorists and their crimes against the innocent citizens. I went through a stage in Iraq that no one can imagine; I suffered a lot due to these terrorist and dirty actions and the crimes committed by al-Qaeda. They caused sectarian feuds. Because of them, we were displaced and we suffered. Yet, what can we say, except that God is the generous one? I endured a lot of difficulties, I was afraid for my family until I was able to barely get permission to emigrate, so as to leave Iraq. Is that what the Iraqi government wants? What are the displaced Iraqis guilty of, who live outside their homeland because of terrorists? Does that mean that the weak Iraqi government cannot shut down the borders with the neighboring countries that send terrorists to commit whatever they want to do in Iraq? I think this has to stop! We have to do something in order to stop the filthy terrorist attacks. The poor Iraqi endures hunger, sickness and poverty. On top of that, he suffers from terrorism as well. What is the solution? Where does the Iraqi government stand concerning the terrorist actions?

  • ابو احمد


    Bless your hands!