Iraqis refuse to bury suicide bombers in community cemeteries

Residents pray near the coffin of a victim who was killed in a bomb attack in Basra before his burial in Najaf. [Ali Abu Shish/Reuters]

Residents pray near the coffin of a victim who was killed in a bomb attack in Basra before his burial in Najaf. [Ali Abu Shish/Reuters]

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When Khalifa Saadi was burying his son who was killed in a suicide bombing that killed scores of civilians in Fallujah, he was surprised to see the family of the suicide bomber burying their son in the same cemetery.

Saadi, 45, then started to quarrel with the bomber's family. He asked them to "respect the souls of the victims who were sent to death for no sin".

Saadi did not want his son and his executioner to be buried in the same cemetery.

The group of mourners, which included clerics, civilians, and police personnel, took Saadi's side, and forced the suicide bomber's family out of the burial grounds.

"Executioners should not be buried with their victims. They deserve [to be buried in] the garbage yards, not the calm, quiet solitude of the graves, because they are rejected whether dead or alive," Saadi told Mawtani.

Buried outside city centres

"Killing a Muslim is a departure from the faith, as all Muslim scholars agree; therefore burying the suicide bomber in the same place with the victims who he had killed is unfair and carries a big insult," said Sheikh Khalid Hameed al-Jumaily, dean of the College of Islamic Sharia at Baghdad University.

"The jurisprudence rule states that a murderer who spills the blood of other Muslims should not be buried in the Muslims' cemetery, nor should he be bathed, or shrouded, but buried wearing his own clothes in a faraway place," he told Mawtani.

Al-Jumaily said a municipality office or a police civil affairs committee is in charge of burying terrorists who are executed, as well as the remains of suicide bombers, in arid, remote places far away from city centres.

Khalid Aswad al-Luhaibi, director general at the Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities, said plots of land about 10 kilometres away from city centres have been allocated for the burial of suicide bombers and non-Iraqis executed under death sentences.

He said the land was allocated as a "measure of respect for the bodies of the victims who died at the hands of the terrorists".

Al-Luhaiby said the remains of Iraqi suicide bombers and executed terrorists would be delivered to their families, who would then be responsible for burying them, which often takes place in areas far from cities centres.

Terrorists 'live like strangers, die like strangers'

Hussein al-Zawbae, who is in charge of the Islamic Karkh cemetery in western Baghdad, told Mawtani that some terrorists are buried in deserted areas about 5,000 metres into the desert in the Abu Ghraib district.

"But here at the Islamic Karkh cemetery, only those who had declared their love of country, were loyal to all Iraqis, and did not raise arms against them, are buried," he said.

Al-Zawbae said there are five graves of terrorists who were executed several years ago and were buried by their families at the cemetery without permission.

"This led to the loss of a large area because every time people come here to bury their dead, and as soon as they know that those graves are for terrorists, they would refuse to leave their loved ones in a grave near those five," he said.

"We are thinking of removing their remains to the cemetery allocated for terrorists after obtaining official approval," he said.

Sheikh Abdullah Mansy, deputy chairman of the Iraqi Fatwa Council in Karkh, described the ban on burying suicide bombers in public cemeteries as being "their punishment in this world before their punishment in the next world".

"They are pariahs even in death. The terrorists live like strangers and die like strangers," Mansy told Mawtani.

Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarae, chairman of the Sunni Endowment office, said, "Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations killed Iraqi people, indulged in the shedding of their blood, and spread destruction; Therefore, we disown them while they are alive, and after they die."




    صلاح العبادي


    In my opinion, all of the despicable and malignant suicide attacks are carried out mostly by sick people who have not wanted the best for Iraq and Iraqis. They are people who take advantage of any joy or grief in order to make that day a tragic day due to their works and I want from God Almighty to save us from these coward terrorists and I ask God to bring us safety, security and stability.

  • ثائر عادل


    The beloved capital, Baghdad, has suffered much from the woes of terrorism, and the murderous criminals have intensified their attacks against the inhabitants of Baghdad because it is the capital, and through that they can create greater echoes in the media as a result of their terrorist activities. I am one of the inhabitants of the beloved capital of Baghdad, and we have undergone many difficult circumstances as a result of the attacks that were, and still are, targeting our residential areas by means of car bombings that the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda would send there, in an attempt to create rifts in Baghdad sometimes by its attacks and assassinations, and sometimes by playing the sectarian, ethnic or nationalistic card, trying to exploit any of the problems that it creates in the capital in order to expand its influence. However, praise Allah that despite all its attacks and plots, we have been stronger than terrorism, and we have confronted it and its plots. Terrorism has unleashed its wrath upon Baghdad and its people, who have lost many of their sons and daughters as a result of the barbarous attacks that they were subjected to, and which are still ongoing to this day, and terrorist cells are still targeting the people of Baghdad, and we are still suffering from the takfiris, and our residential areas are still the target of attacks by the criminal elements of terrorist organizations. We have suffered tremendously from the woes of terrorism, and we have lost many of our loved ones, and terrorism has left us with many tragedies as a result of the large numbers of orphans and widows and disabled people, to whom terrorism has caused much grief and sorrow, in addition to the fact that we suffer from terrorist attacks that targeted many of the scholars and academics including university professors, doctors, scholars and clerics, and its repeated attacks against houses of worship and the general public. So, woe unto terrorism that has targeted the capital of Iraq, our beloved Baghdad, the abode of peace, security, science and knowledge.

  • مجهول


    Many of those suicide bombers are jobless. The men of al-Qaeda prey on them in neighborhood and markets. They observe the young people who are moderately religious; they tempt them with money, fantasies, maidens and properties in Paradise, etc., as if they owned Paradise and the Day of Resurrection! Let's not forget the role of the remnants of Saddam's regime. They work in the dark; they support adolescents with money and weapons. We have to monitor and register the movements of the Baath groups and members.

  • حسين اللامي


    We still have hope that the honorable patriotic Iraqi tribal leaders, intellectuals, academics and others would move to stop this farce. We also should not forget the patriotic religious leaders who did their best in order to save Iraq, as the case with Sayyed Al-Sarkhi Al-Hasani, who was a true patriotic personality that resisted the former regime and then the occupation, and who still seeks to correct the course and take Iraqi to the safe side.

  • سراج شوكت


    One thousand mercy and light for the souls of the innocent civilians who have fallen because of the despicable terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaeda. I want to say who the Iraqi civilians are. They are the ones who go to the places of their work for a living, no more and no less, and that the student, the employee, or the layman who goes to work are those poor ones who are dying in these malicious acts carried out by al-Qaeda.

  • قتيبة هياد


    Everything that al-Qaeda is doing, including the despicable and spiteful acts, are impure acts that make the Iraqis among the devastated people. However, the Iraqis are stronger than what the evil al-Qaeda thinks, that all the issues that happen in Iraq are matters of malignancy by the terrorists. I want to say that the duty of the Iraqi Government is maintaining security and safety in order to avoid the recurrence of the despicable, terrorist and spiteful acts. The Iraqi Government, at the same time, has to think about the families of the martyrs whose lives were claimed in vain. We want Iraq to return better than what it was in the past. I want to say that the role of the Iraqi Government must be clear in order to make us feel that it is considering the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis. I want the families of the martyrs not to forget themselves. Instead, they have to move to ask for their rights from the Iraqi Government, that has to consider them and allocate money to them in order to tell them that they are important people, and they are not forsaken because they, the poor, have lost their dearest ones, and compensation comes from Allah.

  • غانم


    The Iraqi borders are open to the neighboring countries in a way that any country can interfere in the issues of Iraq and the Iraqis who are without any fear or concern, and the government of Nuri al-Maliki had made the Iraqis hungry. I just want to ask him and tell him, for God's sake, where is the money of Iraq and the Iraqis? Where is the oil money? Where are the services? Where is the electricity? It has been more than nine years since the fall of Baghdad. What is new? You say that Iraq does not have any wealth? No, you are liars. Iraq is one of the Arab countries in which there is wealth and the proof of this is the oil of Iraq which you are stealing and selling to the neighboring countries, and you share the money among you. What is important from all of this is that the Iraqi Government is an unsuccessful government that cannot do anything for Iraq and the Iraqis. I believe that the Maliki Government must be changed. Unfortunately, even if Al Maliki goes, whoever comes after him will be worse than him. Everyone wants to steal and loot the wealth of Iraq and the Iraqis.

  • حميد الغراوي


    Iraq is suffering greatly from the weakness of its security forces and this can be attributed to the lack of training the forces sufficiently as well as the lack of the individuals’ experience in dealing with terrorist operations. This can be attributed to the fact that they were not widespread during the days of the late president Saddam Hussein as he and his sons were controlling the security forces. Since the beginning of the war against Iraq, the security system in Iraq has been discovered to be not as strong as expected by some people, and it was a surprise when we were surprised by the entrance of the U.S. troops to Iraq, although it should have been impossible for it to enter the Iraqi territories. Iraq is suffering from a long period of security weakness and you can only take declarations from the security forces. They are professional in performing them. As for the al-Qaeda individuals, they know what they do as they have well surveyed the area. They knew the entrances and the exits of Iraq more than the security forces and more than that, they knew how the security devices work. This is the problem in itself to seeing the opposite that the security forces behave randomly and without organization. The main reason behind that can be attributed to the lack of military experience. The government should take advantage of the military experiences of the neighboring countries that have strong backgrounds of military experiences and plan to eliminate those terrorist movements, because their continuation means the near end of Iraq. No doubt, what is going on in Iraq is in the interest of foreign States and organizations, but the government should move quickly to purge Iraq with their ultimate strength in order to get rid of those terrorist movements so that the Iraqi citizen can enjoy a normal life and practice his right to live without fear.

  • عباس


    O Allah, take them a taking of a Victorious and a Creator of All Power. O Allah, show us in them the wonders of your ability as their hands are contaminated with the blood of the innocent and helpless children and women. O Allah, destroy them. O Allah, make their guile in them. O Allah, take revenge on whoever wants to hurt the Muslims. O Allah, let them down in the world and in the Hereafter. They killed your servants without any guilt. O Allah, destroy them and destroy those fools who by their hands, thousands of victims fell without any guilt. O Allah, they make much corruption on earth. Save our people, our relatives, our friends, those whom we love, and us. O Allah, make before their hands a dam and behind them a dam. O Allah, cloud them about our brothers in Iraq. O Allah, give them a lot so that their sins and their crimes would be multiplied. O Allah, take them a taking of a Victorious and a Creator of All Power. They have polluted the religion where they made use for themselves your religion and your limits. They are not so and you know them. O Allah, cleanse Iraq of those terrorist extremist movements who are killing people without any right. The last of our prayers is Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe.

  • وجدي


    Nowadays, there are many contradictions in life. We can see people who are wearing turbans and Islamic outfits and they keep giving fatwas, i.e. religious opinions, about things they don't know, according to their preference. They do so to achieve their evil aims, so they can spread the devious thoughts that affect the behaviors of the excited youth. The young people think they should obey them; they have made the youth believe that they have to kill themselves in suicide operations, as this is the shortest way to reach Paradise, thinking that they will be in endless pleasures after they die.

  • فواد جلال


    Those who carry out the suicide operations are individuals who have totally violated the Islamic religion, because Islam is the religion of mercy and love. It is not the religion of killing, destruction and attacks against others. The human soul, given by Almighty God to people, is like a trust. Humans are obligated to protect the soul against any violation or oppression. Protection of the soul is one of the principles asserted by the Islamic Sharia, i.e. law. God gives Muslims that command in the Qur'an, as He says what can be translated as: "And do not kill yourselves or one another. Indeed, God is ever Merciful to you." -al-Nisa': 29

  • مصعب


    Islam has an opinion about suicide and suicide attacks; it is an action that is not among the behavior or ethics of the Islamic religion and those who are doing it will cause the killing of innocent people who have no guilt and are just safe and peaceful civilians. For this reason, killing people is a major crime and whoever commits it should not be forgiven or pardoned. The Islamic religion is a religion of mercy and forgiveness, and humanity and the positive principles of values and ethics working and recommending and urging everyone with love, kind sentiments and conscience, and refusing any work that incites or contributes to the spread of fear, terrorism and death, scaring people and causing them harm and damage.

  • سيد الكلمات


    In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! "And do not kill the soul which God has forbidden, except by right..." -Al-Israa': 33. Woe to every cowardly, dirty terrorist! Mercy and forgiveness to our innocent martyrs! God is the Helper against the oppression of those killers!

  • صالح حسين الراوي


    The reason behind the activity of al-Qaeda operations is that there is infighting among the members of the government in the electoral competition or it does not stand neutrally, which deals with what is happening in Mosul, objectively, and it seems that the laziness of the security leaders in addressing the crisis also frustrated the Iraqi citizen despite the many reports and statements that expressed the concerns of the Iraqi Government regarding the crisis of Mosul, and the situation in all the disputed areas. Some Iraqi clerics have tried to reduce the intensity of the fighting and working on the fact that the continuation of fighting will increase the congestion, through calming things down depending on the language of religion and reason. They are dealing with things with simplicity. The continuation of the exchange of accusations because of the bloody terrorist bombings that are occurring continuously, as well as the daily deterioration of the security and the cases of assassinations and direct killing in the streets of the city in a state of isolation and silence by the security leaders in the Iraqi Government. There is a suspicious silence on the part of the officials, as if they want to increase the congestion and the mutual recriminations to take up more space. The dispute has gone beyond the administrative positions and exceeded the application of the articles of the Constitution. It approaches the transition to a coexistent crisis. This crisis is not new but also forms a permanent failed state without being able to recover. However, they were able to use them to promote their influence until the crisis turned into a part of the process of governing the country. There are government agencies and other foreigners who have an interest in using the crisis in Mosul to get into Parliament in the next elections. They believe that whenever they raise the level of congestion, their share will rise. This congestion and the agitation that accompanies it will drive people to forget the issues of services and the economy and make it easy to blame the others for the deterioration of security and the poor performance in all sectors. The crisis is a crisis and it is a suitable opportunity to get benefits without being subjected to accountability for the failures.

  • خلف الوائلي


    Those who carry out such criminal operations that cause the fall of thousands of people are not human beings. They are outcasts in the world and in the Hereafter. They should be in Hell because Allah the Almighty forbade the killing of the soul, which Allah has forbidden except by right. They do so in the name of religion and the religion has disowned them. Those movements killed many people without any guilt, among these people women and children who fell helplessly. We believe that what they do is not for the benefit of the future of Iraq, but to destroy Iraq. If they have interests in those acts, there is no guilt of the victims who pay the price that they have nothing to do with it. They only want to work and live. I think that those movements work for the interests of a particular person to achieve specific goals to make the Iraqi citizens not enjoy the life and the grace of safety and security, and maybe behind these movements there is a third party. I do not exclude anyone among them at all but Iraq concluded the U.S. occupation to be replaced by the terrorist movements. Iraq has lived through many years of injustice. The first was during the rule of the former President Saddam Hussein, who taught the Iraqi people fear and hatred of him, and made them prefer the U.S. invasion to him because they thought that it will save them from oppression, poverty and persecution. However, things were exacerbated. The U.S. invasion was the cause of the emergence of these movements that exploited the war and entered from several countries to eliminate the State of Iraq. The strongest international teams could not eliminate those movements but rather, they increased their sharpness and ferocity. We can say that these movements are trained in a very professional manner. They indeed had studied the land of Iraq well and learned how to do their operations and disappear without being known by anyone. The only solution to eliminate those movements is the cooperation of the citizens with the security men and telling them about the people wanted to be able to reduce these operations. It may take time to eliminate those movements but in the end, those movements will disappear so that Iraq would be secured with the help of Allah.

  • نصير


    It is not permissible for a Muslim to blow himself up, killing others among the innocent people as if they did not read the words of Allah in the Holy Quran: Do not kill yourselves, for verily Allah hath been to you most merciful!

  • ليث زكريا


    He who puts explosives on his body in order to put himself in a group of people to blow himself up will be tortured by what he killed himself with in the fire of hell, to abide therein for eternity because Allah the Almighty will call him to account for the murder of himself and other innocent people. He who claims Jihad must avoid harming innocent people and must not execute military actions against the enemy. If this affects the safety of the innocent people, they must be stalking the enemy until the opportunity comes to them for the purpose of controlling him and fighting against him, away from the events of harm and destruction that claim the lives of the innocent people, destroy their property, and expose them to fear, panic and instability. This is contrary to Islamic law and has nothing to do with it.

  • أبن البصرة


    They are working to lure young people with money, drugs and other Satanic works in order to join their order so they can assign them the implementation of criminal acts and in the various residential areas. They have also imposed on the Iraqi people restrictions and regulations that are unacceptable, which differ from the principles of the sacred religion of Islam. Thus, they seek to destroy the Islamic religion and bring ignorance, backwardness, murder, and destruction to the social environment of Iraq through the planting of sectarianism among the people of the same society so that the country would sink in the blood of its people. Whenever the fire of sedition is extinguished, they pour fuel on the fire in order to set it going and ignite another sedition, but the high awareness of the Iraqi people has prevented the continuation of the bloodshed among the brothers after they managed to uncover the game practiced by the terrorist organizations against the civilians from the Iraqi people seeking to weaken it by using different means in order to control the country. Therefore, I think that the non-Islamic State of Iraq is no less dangerous than the other terrorist organizations that seek to spread corruption and ruin on earth, which enjoy now the view of the blood of the innocent people that they shed in the streets, markets and houses.

  • حسني فاضل


    And whoever does the cowardly terrorist operations except the cowards and those who have sold their honor to remain without honor and move to kill the innocents with suicide bombers? And what do the suicide bombers expect and what is their fate? They are killing innocent people and destroying them every day in a way that kills our children and elderly, and destroys our country and even kills Muslims. And it claims that it finds and commits its terrorist acts in order to defend Islam and the Muslims; such a lost people. Their abode will be in everlasting Hell, staying therein, God willing. For what their hands did in terms of acts are not accepted by Allah and his laws which he revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And therefore, those who carry out acts of suicide are people without mercy and deserve nothing from us; only that we condemn them and curse their terrorist attacks that will take them to the fire of hell to taste the torment of the blaze. The acts they have committed are only evidences of the hostility of the terrorist al-Qaeda to Islam and Muslims. They are killing Muslims every day in many Muslim countries; where is their Islam and their slogans that try to make an Islamic character of their cowardly acts, which claim the lives of dozens of people daily? Damn you, villains and damn your terrorist actions and damn your dirty organization which will vanish, God willing, with our patience and determination to eliminate you. Your thoughts and actions offend the Islamic religion and offend us, Muslims, who suffered from the attacks of evil and suicide carried out by these foolish enemies of religion, of the infidels and the dissolute whose sick minds were washed originally to carry out such suicide attacks that kill people in this barbaric way. Shame and disgrace on the suicide bombers who are rejected by religion and promised with something good; their end will be tragic on the Day of Judgment. How, then, could anyone who commits suicide be permitted to kill innocent people along with himself?

  • جمال صالح


    In my view, there is a large number of top security officials that need to be forced to resign or kicked out of their positions or even punished and prosecuted, because maybe they are stupid, or that they are not living up to their responsibility. Numerous times, terrorists have been able to breach into regions under their security responsibility and kill citizens there and attack them in such heinous ways, despite the heavy and intense presence of security forces everywhere and the checkpoints. How have these terrorists been able to pass through all these security barriers? So, this means that there is definitely a deficiency, and it needs to be addressed and we should no longer remain silent about this and ignore this, and all the officials and those that are negligent should be held accountable, because they are the cause of the continuation of these terrorist and suicide operations against the citizens, because the government provides them with everything and all the equipment and support and requirements that they need, so why is it that the terrorists or the booby-trapped vehicles are not caught in their tracks? Or why is it that the important intelligence aspect is not being used, which the top security officials should implement in the regions they are in charge of? But they lack the experience probably, or maybe they are not really patriotic and are not fit for that job, which is why we see this considerable negligence. They need to be held accountable, so that every top security official will live up to their real responsibility and concern, in order to prevent the terrorists from killing civilians and innocent people, and so that they carry out their duty properly by actually being present with the security forces and at the checkpoints, and carry out inspections on a continual basis, and not make trips to the north of the country or abroad and indulge themselves with the money that they get.

  • ربيع شهاب


    I don't think that the suicide bombings are right, because the suicide bombers kill themselves along with thousands of innocents. Unfortunately those people do not realize that what they are doing is prohibited. They believe they are doing it for the sake of justice and destroying oppression. They believe it is martyrdom but it's not, especially when the victims are innocents. By doing this they kill themselves along with others. Such operations bring only destruction to the whole world. All of us remember 9/11 and how many innocents of different nationalities and religions got killed. Who committed it claimed that they committed it for the sake of Islam, but what they did opposed Islam completely. No one would accept such a thing. This act brought so many problems to Muslims and Islam. Many people consider each Muslim as a terrorist. They made Islam as terrorism. Such thing had an effect all over the world. I would like to know the benefit of these operations. Is it really western plans, or just to distort the image of Islam? If this is their aim and the doers are Muslims, then it is a real disaster. Whoever commits these thoughts should not be called Muslims. This proves that those people are mercenaries who commit these destructive acts just for money or other interests. These cells must be pursued and mercy should not be given. Human rights must be considered in dealing with them in order to know their thoughts and the reasons behind their acts and then the authorities could eliminate the ghost of these terrorist cells.

  • رجاء النقاش


    Many outstanding religious scholars have condemned the suicide bombings that target innocent people in Iraq in particular and the world in general. Those who carry out suicide attacks are sick people. Indeed, only the mentally disturbed would resort to suicide in order to escape the concerns and pains of life. These are not martyrdom seekers as they claim. In fact, they are suicide bombers who kill themselves. The only punishment for those who commit suicide is hell. The human life depends on the Creator and not the person himself. Only terrorists target the crowds of citizens in order to blow themselves up. This is the biggest proof of their weakness, inability and reluctance to confront the armed forces in battlefields.

  • يحيى


    From my side, I reject all the suicide operations and I condemn them and all those who carry out these attacks. I ask God to put these bombers in hell, God willing, to see the degrading torture for the things they did, including the nefarious action that God, his Messenger and the believers do not accept. Suicide is a terrorist act that has nothing to do with religion and reality. These acts are not exercised only by criminals and people of terrorist elements who are hungry for bloodshed, from the villains who target the civilians with these attacks with bombed cars that claim the lives of dozens with each operation performed by these decadents. Shame and disgrace on the elements that commit suicide attacks. God the Almighty will punish those murderers and criminals.

  • كاظم سعدون


    Terrorism is planning for its suicide attacks, which it carries out on behalf of Islam, through its claim that such acts fall within Jihad. In fact, what terrorism is doing has nothing to do with Jihad and the Islamic religion. These suicide attacks reflect the opinion of the terrorists and those who have vulnerable and sick minds, who are seduced. They take themselves to doom and lead to the targeting of many innocent people, because of the suicides led by these failed people. Therefore, the Islamic religion has denied all forms of suicide. It denies whoever kills himself by suicide, and threatens him with fire and with hell. Our tolerant Islamic religion denies paradise for whoever commits suicide, let alone those who commit suicide and kill innocent civilians in this horrendous way. Islam rejects all types of homicide and crime. Our Islamic religion has denied such acts of terrorism and forbidden the killing of unarmed civilians and targeting them in this insane way that angers God. So, suicide is forbidden; he who commits suicide could not but be tortured and remain in hell forever and ever. Suicide is in fact a fad, which terrorism and these satanic groups brought to us. They claim to work for Islam and Muslims. Is the Islamic religion satisfied with such heinous acts against Muslims? Of course not, and these actions are illegal. No one can accept such operations and the abominable suicide attacks, which we condemn and denounce.

  • ماجد هاشم


    Islam aims at forming a good society; it also aims at the good person, the good family and good society, whose members and families are committed to the high values of Islam and make them their life message. They confirm the moral virtues in various aspects of life. They disseminate and protect them through achieving the elements of justice, charity and righteousness, and cooperation in righteousness and beneficence, piety and the purity of heart from duplicity, hypocrisy, malice, envy and the love of life; these are all moral elements that any Muslim society is based on. The Islamic religion is also characterized by full transparency in the systematization and the methods developed to access its optimum objective and its supreme purpose and among these methods are systems and legislation for the individual, family and community. It draws for the individual his path and prescribes his behavior, and it shows him what is allowed and what is forbidden. These are foundations of the family of its pillars, to preserve it from the agents of collapse. They explain to everyone the parties of the family; their duties and rights, and the regulations for the groups and balances. Their mission is to establish justice, protect fraternity, prevent conflicts and preserve the people’s money, blood, minds and descendants. Therefore, some people will say that if Islam is so clear, then what’s up with these groups that appeared under its name throughout history? And what’s up with this dichotomy between the Sunnis and the Shiites, and between Salafism and Sufism, and between the two trends and the non-trends? We can strongly affirm that there is nothing in the whole world like this religious ideology and narrative, which has a clarity and a unity that are owned by Islam. And Islam, which we describe as being of clarity, is not an Islam of differences, but the Islam of the Quran and the Sunnah. It is the Islam of the companions and those who followed them willingly, i.e. the first Islam before the appearance of these teams that divided the religion into groups and made it into teams and doctrines competing with each other. Each one of them claims the truth of its position of religion, and following it through some people with a narrow-minded interpretation of religious texts, according to what is commensurate with their wishes and desires.

  • صباح بشير


    The Islamic religion has forbidden suicide, in the words of God the Almighty in the holy Quran: “Nor kill yourselves: for verily God hath been to you Most Merciful!” Meanwhile, the enemies of religion allege that suicide attacks carried out by their followers are allowed and admissible, and this is different from what the Quran says. God the Almighty has forbidden the killing of innocent people, whatever the motivation and the reason; therefore, I consider this act one of the inexcusable crimes.

  • ناصر صادق


    We have to study the factors that led to these crimes, and then we can determine the results, motives and ways to get rid of them; whether these solutions are religious or legal, what matters is saving people's lives. Also, the suicide bombings are rejected, both rationally and logically. It is regarded as one of the most heinous ways of killing oneself. Originally, man tends to save his life and soul. Committing suicide in this way is contrary to normal human nature, which loves to exist. The criminal's motive behind committing his crime is to gain money or other psychological interest in order to remain and exist, even if it is unlawful. Killing someone, which is prohibited by God, is motivated by extremist concepts. The suicidal person is not completely normal or rational; the result is his and others' death, without gaining any profits. This is rejected by logic, a good brain and a pure nature.

  • عدي سعدون


    Unfortunately, some people support killing the children and women and the crimes and massacres that they watch with their own eyes against the Iraqis when targeted by the elements of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization without staking any move. Rather, I think that they rejoice and consider this a victory for them. Those disbelievers love the blood, murder, and criminality. The recent terrorist attacks will not weaken our determination in the face of terrorism, nor will it affect the determination of the heroic security forces in Iraq. All the concerned parties will continue their efforts in this respect and we do not wait orders from the masterminds to make those terrorists stop their terrorist operations. Rather, the heroes of Iraq and its knights will stop these crimes by force and the security and order would be enforced in Iraq despite of them. They have spent long years trying, but they will never succeed in controlling even a street in Iraq. This is the failure incarnate. Damn you and damn all those who support you. Iraq will remain strong with its patient people, wise government, and heroic forces.

  • بسيم عبد الحافظ


    I think that confronting the ideas of Al-Qaeda is possible, but it requires cooperation from all parties, which must avoid the hypocrisy, and lying. In this confrontation, the truth must prevail in order to face the most dangerous terrorist dogmas in the world. The al-Qaeda terrorist organization is one of the most violent movements in the world, which seeks to spread its sick ideas everywhere in order to influence our Muslim youth in particular, until they become involved in terrorist acts and wasting the future of the Arab youth. Hence, I see that there should be awareness and reliance on the awareness in a greater way through offering advice to the youth and enlightening them about the dangers of terrorism and its ideology as well as working on confronting this terrorist organization through exposing all of its tricks and shedding light on its real objectives, which are related to the bloodshed and the spread of the crime in our Muslim and Arab society. This is the role of the Arab and Muslim governments and clergymen, who play a great role in this regard. We have to fight the thoughts of terrorism and issue fatwas prohibiting bloodshed or cooperation with this terrorist organization, which has no relationship with Islam.

  • سراج شوكت


    Anyone who carries out suicide bombings in the midst of peaceful citizens and civilians who have done no wrong is simply a powerless individual. The act of murder is itself something that is rejected by Islam, society, customs and all the divine religions. As such, killing oneself in addition to killing many others is an act of extreme criminality, violence, harshness and barbarity, especially if these people are civilians, and particularly children, women, old and young people, and those that have committed no wrong. What is the sin that all these people have committed so that they deserve to be killed? What is the aim and objective of this? Are they criminals or have they engaged in barbarous crimes? This is why it is absolutely unacceptable for someone to kill others and his own self. Allah, the Exalted and the Most High, will punish that person severely, because he has taken a human life, and this is forbidden in the Islamic religion. So, what would be the fate of someone that kills his own self together with other innocent people, and causes harm and suffering and pain to the families of those that are tormented by the news of their death at the hands of terrorist elements, who send suicide bombers in their midst, be it in marketplaces, schools, universities, government offices or anywhere else?

  • نجية عبد


    Anyone who booby-traps cars which he then explodes in the midst of people is nothing but a criminal and a reckless individual, whose objective is to harvest the many innocent souls of civilian citizens that have done no wrong, whether they be children, women, older people or even young people. This is something that has taken place many times, carried out by terrorist elements. Many, many innocent souls have perished as a result of such evil and filthy acts, which shows the hateful, violent, heinous, criminal and barbarous nature of these corrupt elements, which are engaged in sowing dissension and sectarianism by means of attacking all the different sides and creating an atmosphere of violence and criminality, so that people will kill one another, and consequently this would weaken the power of the Iraqi people who have faced many challenges, difficulties, filthy conspiracies and plots on the part of terrorist and criminal elements. Everybody knows that these types of behavior show how cowardly and weak they are, and that they are incapable of confronting the Iraqi people face to face, because they are much weaker than that. And this is why we see them engaging in activities in the dark and in hiding, and they execute their filthy attacks and strikes, causing the death of many innocent people. They have spilled the blood of Iraqis by means of setting up those booby-trapped cars, which have been the cause of the death and the martyrdom of many innocent people that have fallen victim to treachery, betrayal, violence, harshness, barbarity, unjust and heinous acts. These are groups and gangs that are devoid of conscience or humanity, because those that engage in all these stupid and ugly behaviors are nothing but powerless, criminal, terrorist individuals, who should be gotten rid of and eliminated, so that people can be free from their evil and harm. This way, stability will be restored, and security, calm and tranquility will prevail in all the regions and provinces of Iraq.

  • عمر مهدي


    A good decision! They'd better be thrown into the river to feed the fish, or to be fertilizer for the crops.

  • بهاء الحسيني


    In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! Then we agree unanimously that the criminals who blow themselves up among people are not to be washed, prayed over or buried in the graves of Muslims. We mean al-Maliki and his assistants, who killed thousands and displaced and locked up others. Some of them are out of prison, even though they are criminals, but their party was able to get them out of prison by paying so that they could get out. We know about the reports that they threaten each other with. We specifically mean the crime of al-Zarkah, Tal Afar and Sabrien al-Janaby, who honored the officers who did it an hour after the crime without suing them. We know that bombings are taking place because of them, in addition to the physical liquidation with silenced guns and other means of liquidation that they brought with them from Iran, their master. They cannot do anything without turning to it. We shall meet!