Iraqi forces kill, detain al-Qaeda gunmen south of Tikrit

Iraqi police show suspected militants arrested during a security operation in Baqubah in December 2011. [Stringer Iraq/Reuters]

Iraqi police show suspected militants arrested during a security operation in Baqubah in December 2011. [Stringer Iraq/Reuters]

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A joint army and police force killed two gunmen suspected of belonging to al-Qaeda and arrested five others in a security operation launched in Salah al-Din province, Iraqi police announced Wednesday (April 25th).

"The operation was launched based on information submitted by fishermen and villagers in the Diyoum district west of Tikrit," Brig. Gen. Jassem Wadi al-Samarrae, deputy chief of the Salah al-Din police, told Mawtani.

The joint force carried out the operation beginning Tuesday night and going into Wednesday morning, with 80 army soldiers and 50 policemen taking part, along with a police dog unit and another for clearing mines, he said.

Fierce clashes erupted between the Iraqi forces and the armed men resulting in the death of two gunmen, a soldier and a policeman, and the injury of eight security men, al-Samarrae said.

During the operation, the force found 122 explosive charges hidden inside a huge cache located on the shores of a small river used to water the farms. The security force also discovered ammunition for Kalashnikov and anti-aircraft guns, rounds for RPG-7 rockets and barrels containing TNT and black powder, he said.

"An engineering unit belonging to the army moved the contents of the cache, because of their potential danger, to a military base in the desert area west of Tikrit, where the ammunition will be disposed of," said Lt. Col. Safa Ghanim, commander of the Salah al-Din police's rapid intervention force.

"The huge stockpile of ammunitions kept by al-Qaeda would have sustained the organisation's daily death machine for more than a whole year," he told Mawtani.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abdullah, the deputy governor of Salah al-Din, said the operation succeeded in "removing a serious threat to the entire area".

"The citizens who informed the security forces on the location of the al-Qaeda ammunition cache will receive a cash reward from the local government and priority in receiving easy-term agricultural loans," he said.

Abdullah urged citizens who sustained damages at the hands of the five terrorists (whose names will be publicised in the newspapers and over the local radio station) to visit a specialised court in the province to file legal suites against them beginning next Sunday.




    نصير فارس


    This reckless organization, the failure it is facing and will face in Iraq is not only in recruiting Iraqi fighters, but in everything; in their plans and dirty operations that they plan, declare and wave in the media and announce to terrorize the world and people like they are not human beings, as if they came to us from another planet. They want to impose their control, and dictate to us their dirty agendas and reckless judgments May your organization perish and woe to anyone who has the illusion that you really did a good thing. The killing you are doing of children, women, elderly and other crimes of unspeakable cruelty will be written in history and wherever you go, you can never attain anything except shame and disgrace in this world and the Hereafter.

  • حيدر سلمان


    We ask God the Almighty to protect our security forces and the heroic Iraqi police and we demand them to launch more security campaigns against the hideouts of the criminal terrorist organizations to teach them a lesson that they will never forget through the courage, bravery, ability and manhood that distinguish those loyal men of Iraq, who dedicated themselves to fight terrorism everywhere without allowing any obstacles to stand in their way, because they believed in their major cause, which is defending the Iraqis against the violations of the terrorist organizations against the innocent people, especially the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which is the first and bitterest enemy of Iraq and the Iraqis, because of its deviant criminal thoughts through which it seeks to affect the dignity of the Iraqi people. However, the brave Iraqi police will confront them, because they have been searching for this criminal organization everywhere in Iraq to eliminate it. This means that the terrorism in Iraq will be destroyed soon, after the losses that it has faced at the hands of the heroic Iraqis. In this way, the days of al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations became limited in Iraq due to the successes that were achieved by the Iraqi police, particularly in the areas where there are many criminal terrorist organizations.

  • نامق الركابي


    O Allah, O Possessor of All Strength, O Forceful One, O Avenger, O Compeller, O Subduer, O Humiliator, send down your anger and your loathing on all of those who carry out terrorist acts of aggression against the innocent people in Iraq, for they do not incapacitate you. O Allah, take them as a Victorious Creator of All Power, tear up their assembly, scatter their unity and make them an example for others. O Allah, strike the oppressors and bring us away from them safely. O Allah, make them turn against each other until they kill themselves with their own hands and their destruction in their masterminding. Harden their hands and narrow their lives. Make their lives miserable and hard. Make the Circles of evil spin them and infect them with vulnerability, weakness and the lack of souls and money. Make them prey to the people of Iraq and what they own. Let them down and disgrace them because they broke your covenant and your charter that you tied people with which is the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

  • ضياء


    The takfiri Al-Qaeda organization has perpetrated numerous crimes in the Ninewa province leaving behind many effects, which are still apparent to this day in terms of the large numbers of orphans and widows and families that have lost their sons and daughters in the attacks carried out by these murderers and morons.

  • مراد نعمة


    Successive victories are being achieved in Iraq with every passing day, with the arrest of these elements that plot and fund the remnants of terrorism. The arrest of this oppressive group of the leading figures of this terrorist organization will lead to more security and stability in Iraq, and it will lead to restraining the role of this organization and to a significant reduction of its terrorist attacks and operations against innocent civilians, which cause the martyrdom of dozens of innocent people in every criminal and terrorist operation perpetrated by these stupid leaders of the al-Qaeda organization and its followers of dwarves. The capture of the leaders of this organization is a step forward, and shows that the end of terrorism in Iraq has neared, Allah-willing. The capture of the leaders of al-Qaeda will result in increased security and stability in Iraq, and it will lead to a return to normalcy after the eradication of this organization and the elimination of its leaders. Iraq will experience greater security, and peace will prevail across all of our beloved country, and our Iraqi people will live in peace and security, far away from criminal operations that the criminals were targeting them with.

  • علي السامرائي


    There is no deputy of the governor or police commander by this name! This news is untrue. The media chancellor of Salah Ad-Din’s governor.