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Iraqi wrestling team wins second place at Arab championship

[Rabih Moghrabi/AFP/Getty Images] Iraq won the 60 kg and 120 kg categories.

[Rabih Moghrabi/AFP/Getty Images] Iraq won the 60 kg and 120 kg categories.

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The Iraqi national wrestling team won second place at the 12th annual Arab championship in Doha, Qatar last week.

The Iraqi team finished just one point behind Syria's first place score of 53 points. Algeria came in third.

The Iraqi team won 4 medals -- 2 gold and 2 bronze -- during the tournament.

Jumaa Jassim won the first gold medal after defeating Algeria's Belal ben Braya in the 60 kg category.

Ali Nadhum won the second gold medal after defeating Jordanian and Asian champion Hani Salah in the 120 kg category.

The bronze medals were won by two brothers -- Mohammed and Hussain Shaya -- in the 55 kg and 66 kg categories.

Thirteen Arab countries took part in the championship: Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco.

"We were expecting to win 10 different medals in both the Roman and free wrestling, although the competition was fierce between the Iraqi team and our brotherly Syrian team," said Mohammed Abdul Sattar, secretary of the Iraqi Central Wresting Association (ICWA).

"The reason Iraq came in the second place was the absence of many young players who won the Arab championship in Jordan two weeks ago. We were depending on their participation in this championship, but the technical crew preferred not to take any risks and field them in the championship because they were exhausted," Abdul Sattar told Mawtani.

The national team prepared for the Doha championship by entering a 10-day training camp in Syria. "The results could have been better if we had prepared well for this championship," Abdul Sattar admitted.

Team coach Jamal Nassir Redha said, "Iraq has always dominated this category in the Arab championships, as we have dominated all the championships that were held in the past."

Redha explained that the Jordanian, Syrian, and Qatari teams' progress depended on a number of foreign players and early preparation in European training camps.

"The Iraqi team achieved a good result by winning second place in the Arab championship in spite of our lackluster preparation for it," Redha said.

The Iraqi wrestling team took first place in the Arab youth wrestling championship recently held in Jordan, winning 8 gold medals, 6 silver, and 2 bronze.




    سيف علي حسين


    Hello, thank you for this nice report about wrestling. God willing, Iraqi teams will always be winners. Ali Hussein Fares is my father. He participated in the championship in Qatar. He was the coach. He was the Arab champion in Los Angeles. Regards, Saif Ali.

  • هادي


    Wrestling in Iraq is a good and important sport, and the majority of Iraqi youth love practicing it, because it is an indication of strength and physical health. This sport is widespread in Iraq, and most of the young athletes who practice in it enjoy the support of the Iraqi Olympic Committee. The evidence of this is that Iraq participates in most tournaments taking place in the world, and most of the Iraqi champions in this sport receive gold and silver medals and receive the awards and get first place in these tournaments, when they participate in foreign, Asian or Arab tournaments. This is evidence of the interest and love that the majority of young Iraqi people have for the sport in Iraq.

  • أبو بيان


    Wrestling needs more attention from the government and the Olympic Committee, through the provision of clubs for young athletes. Attention comes through the provision of sports requirements for young people so they can get involved in the sport, rather than getting into other things. Wrestling is a nice and good sport, and it is one of the best types of sports in Iraq. But most of the Iraqis who enjoy it suffer from the lack of attention when they go on tournaments, in terms of providing sports clothing, treatment or the like. In spite of that, the athletes who participate in these tournaments win gold and silver medals and the top places in tournaments, and they raise the name of Iraq and Iraqis high.

  • عمر السامرائي


    Wrestling in Iraq is not the number one game, but one can say that Iraq has had many wrestlers who won titles and gold, silver and bronze medals for Iraq in international championships. I think that wrestling in Iraq suffers from the negligence of the Olympic Committee and the sports officials. If this game had received enough attention, it would have achieved marvelous results. However, despite the difficult circumstances that surround this game, it proved that it is capable of winning titles and medals through the creative performance of the Iraqi wrestlers in the Arab and Asian championships, where they participate. The last of these achievements was in the Arab Championship in Qatar, where Iraq won four gold, two silver and four bronze medals.

  • حمودي


    Iraq today needs a real renaissance in the field of sports and in all games. Wrestling needs real attention and efforts on the part of the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They should activate the role of the Iraqi Wrestling Association and allow it to take its rightful place among the Iraqi sports associations. They should also hold more training camps for the Iraqi wrestlers, for different ages so they can have the best wrestlers participate in the Arab and Asian championships continually, to achieve victories for Iraq and the Iraqi sports. I think that Iraq is filled with good and experienced athletes and champions in this game. They just need to polish their skills by being sent to training camps and working on increasing their experience through interaction with other wrestlers, so that we have strong wrestlers who can represent Iraq, win titles and championships, and honor Iraqi wrestling.

  • ثامر عبد الرحيم


    This sport has unfortunately started to disappear, due to the small number of participants. In the past, Iraq had a large number of amateurs and wrestlers, but the neglect caused many of them to disregard the sport, and it has become threatened with extinction. The wrestlers need a comfortable and spacious clubs and floors in order to practice the sport. Additionally, they also need special clubs and efficient training staff, though from outside the country. If we want to keep this sport from disappearing from our country Iraq, we must provide support for the sport, which will restore its previous status, and champions will regain their victories.

  • عباس


    Iraq has a large number of wrestlers and fans of this game, being a game of strength and muscles; Iraqis love it and everyone enjoys practicing it to prove their physical strength. Many of them took it up as a hobby, and then the hobby turned into true participation, leading to their emergence as bright names in the game. Despite the simple potentials, the Iraqi wrestlers have achieved numerous awards and championships in many respects, which were challenges to the reality of Iraq, because of terrorism and what little attention is given to this sport. Perhaps these achievements are capable of attracting the attention of governmental officials to support this game in Iraq, and to provide care and assistance to the Wrestling Federation, as well as its champions.