Iraqi youth handball premier league to kick off end of September

Iraqi handball coaches are trying to raise the level of the youth and national teams through competitions and training camps. [Nasser Nuri / Reuters]

Iraqi handball coaches are trying to raise the level of the youth and national teams through competitions and training camps. [Nasser Nuri / Reuters]

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The youth handball premier league finals are scheduled to kick off September 27th in the city of Karbala, with eight clubs from different Iraqi provinces participating.

Falah Hamid, president of the Iraqi Central Handball Federation, said the championship would witness strong and heated competition, given that most of the participating teams would try to win the title of the current premier league.

The participating teams are Karbala, Najaf, Karkh, Shurta, Samawa, Naft al-Wasat, Tuz and Futowa.

The championship is scheduled to run for 10 days.

"The championship matches will be held per the league system of just one round," Hamid said. "The champion will be determined based on the final results, as the total number of points and number of wins will be calculated to determine the champion who will win the title."

"Developing the game and getting it to high levels needs concerted efforts," he said. "The game is facing major challenges like all other sports."

According to Hamid, the ICHF declined to take part in the Pan-Arab Games, held in Qatar at the end of the year, for technical reasons related to the poor capabilities of Iraqi players. "Therefore, our players' winning an advanced place for the time being is difficult and would need a huge effort," he said.

"We hope the youth premier league will be a stop to discover talented players," said coach Haidar Ghazi.

"We have to choose male and female players at young ages and work on developing their technical capabilities and abilities to create a new generation that can raise Iraq's name high in international arenas," he said.

Mohammed al-Araji, secretary of the ICHF, said the youth premier league championship is one of the important championships, given that the federation is dependgin on it for selecting distinguished players to represent the national team.

"Organizing local championships for age groups is important for several reasons, including the fact that the youth base needs to have championships to show their capabilities and talents, which are considered the main pillar of the game," he said.

According to al-Araji, the ICHF held training camps for the youth team in preparation for coming championships, including a training camp held in the Jordanian capital of Amman a few weeks ago that included many trial matches.

The ICHF also set October 1st as the start of the premier league, with 16 clubs participating.




    غنيم قاسم


    Handball in Iraq is fairly good, but it needs more communication and attention. Sports need support in Iraq, because they lack many of the aspects needed by Iraqi youth. The Ministry of Youth and Sport should exert much effort to restore activity and dynamism to the sports in Iraq. The government has to also contribute to supporting sports through allocating funds to provide all the needs of sports players, including modern sports halls, advanced devices or technology to give the youth more energy at their best and exceed the rest in tournaments in Iraq or abroad. Therefore, we hope the sports sector in Iraq will have the utmost luck and will find all the support and care they need to raise the name of Iraq up high. The sport of handball in Iraq requires more attention and renewal to deliver teams to the required levels to be qualified to make better contributions and participations in tournaments, and for the youth to be in a state that allows them to be more giving and successful and to excel and stand out more, God willing.

  • Fano


    It is very important to support the youth and sports in Iraq. It is also very important to direct the youth to perform sports activities, which is better than taking a direction towards committing terrorist or violent acts that hurt Iraqis. Therefore, the government, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee have to do whatever it takes to have positive results, so that the youth would be directed towards sports in a great way, to get the best possible players, teams and clubs that will give their best, God willing.

  • حسين عمران


    Handball in Iraq is a popular sport that is adored by many fans and has a popular base that can’t be underestimated. It is just like all other sports that I think need attention and all kinds of support. The followers of Iraqi team results will notice that these results don’t measure up to the level of popular aspirations, or even the level of the aspirations of those responsible for this sport, because of the deterioration in the results in many of the Iraqi teams’ participations, whether it was on the level of the Iraqi national team or the level of clubs. In my opinion, giving attention and support is the most important thing this sport needs to develop, and also to develop the technical capabilities of our handball players, through supporting them with training camps and also providing them with the experiences that develop the conditions of this sport in Iraq, through recruiting coaches from abroad who have experience and capabilities and who have been seen to have successful experiences. Therefore, the idea of handball in Iraq today needs all this support, which will elevate the level of handball in Iraq, and will make it a special presence in different championships through the positive results it will get. We wait for these results, in order to raise the name of our country up high in all the international sports forums.

  • نبراس


    What can be said in this regard is that sports have been neglected in Iraq because all the Iraqis and officials have been busy fighting terrorism and reconstructing the infrastructure and institutions that were destroyed by war and other political problems. However, now that the security situation in Iraq has become stable, sports have witnessed a very great development, and all its necessary requirements have become available. This has made a quantum leap in the history of sport in Iraq, which has really achieved unexpected results that enabled it to regain its prestige in the world. We are proud that the officials have opened a training center specialized in the deployment of modern concepts of handball, so that this game and all sports will evolve quickly and keep pace with progress. It is worth mentioning that this specialized center is aiming at raising the level of the players’ performance through training on the latest methods used in the modern world of handball. It also organizes friendly matches in order to evaluate the performance of the players and organize training camps for them.

  • فاضل دريد


    Handball in Iraq is still in the process of evolution, because it is still a new game for Iraq. By “new,” we do not mean that handball has never been played in Iraq, but we mean that attention to its practice is fairly new. This sport has become very popular as a result of the development and openness, in addition to the opening of centers and sports halls that are aimed at providing the necessary training to people who wish to exercise this sport. Thus, handball in Iraq needs a lot of services and development programs, in order to improve the players’ performance and to enable the Iraqi youth to participate in handball tournaments in other countries, so as to raise the name of Iraq.

  • yaser soon


    Handball is a beautiful game that I always want to practice in. In some European countries, it is considered an important game and it has a large fan base. Unfortunately, in the Arab countries they don’t give any attention to this sport at all. They are only interested in soccer. It is worth saying that sport has taken many dimensions in the European countries, but in the Arab countries, it has no importance.

  • مدرس


    Handball in Iraq is suffering from the lack of support. We neither have many teams nor a strong championship. These teams need much support. We have talented players, trainers and referees, but they lack professionalism when playing. They need more training sessions and participation in the championships in order to reach a professional level. They need to make new plans, because this sport is not a simple one, as some people believe, but it contains plans at the level of attack, defense and the tactics of the game. For this reason, the Iraqi Federation of Handball and the Olympic Committee should support this sport, so that Iraq will be a main and strong participant in this sport. When these teams participate in the Asian and Arab championships, players should think about developing themselves in order to get advanced positions in the competitions that they participate in. For this reason, I would like to ask the officials to give additional support to this sport, players and the cadres who are in charge of it.

  • osman


    Handball has suffered from the lack of support in Iraq. In fact, we don’t have many teams and we don’t have a strong tournament. Thus, this sport needs a lot of support, especially since we have many talents, players, coaches and referees. However, there is no developed professional level. In fact, these talents need more competitions and participations in the tournaments in order to achieve professionalism in the sport. This can be achieved through preparing new plans, because handball is not an easy sport, as many people think. In fact, it requires offensive and defensive plans. This is in addition to playing methods and regulations. Thus, the Iraqi Handball Federation and the Olympic Committee must support this sport, in order to make Iraq an important and strong participant in the Asian and Arab Handball tournaments. Besides, the players must think about improving their level in order to achieve advanced positions in the competitions. Thus, I call for more support for this sport through helping the players and the cadres responsible for handball.

  • king


    Iraqi handball has a lot of experienced and talented people who can be used appropriately in order to advance this popular sport. In fact, handball needs re-planning and support so that we could watch real handball in Iraq, that is able to have a distinguished and great presence in the different foreign championships and competitions. Indeed, handball is currently suffering from the lack of support, which has led to a noticeable decline in the results of the Iraqi teams. Thus, we must cooperate in order to advance handball, especially since the latter suffers from the lack of support and interest at the organization and training levels, in addition to the absence of the modern gyms that enable players to train continuously. Therefore, handball needs gyms and playgrounds. It also lacks experienced trainers who always contribute to improving the expertise of our national players and teams in handball. Thus, Iraqi handball lacks a lot of preparations and rehabilitation, which are needed by handball players. The latter need training camps, which have been absent and had a significant impact on the development of this sport and the talent of players, who should participate in foreign training camps and play against foreign teams, which have developed a lot. Therefore, I personally believe that Iraqi handball has not met the levels of people’s ambitions, because of the obstacles and difficulties that face it and that have prevented our teams from achieving positive results in the various championships in which they participated.

  • صالح كريم


    The Ministry of Youth and Sport may win over those very ambitious players who have worked on bringing victories to Iraq through participating in many Arab as well as European tournaments. In fact, this social class is so important that it should be treated in a special way by officials, since they are doing hard training in order to achieve the highest ranks in terms of progress. I personally call on the officials and coaches to work on training players in training camps, so that they will become more professional and quicker to achieve the progress which they are dreaming of. In fact, I am personally aware that if the National Team trains better than before, it will achieve a great victory and will be able to achieve a very advanced stage of progress in the future. God willing, the coming days will prove this. In addition, we should also communicate with the emerging generation, which has a great ambition to achieve the same success as the professional champions of Iraqi handball. Besides, the National Iraqi Olympic Committee and all the sport officials should exploit this class, because the latter are in progress and need great support, so that they will be able to achieve their ambitions. For instance, these handball players and all the Iraqi teams should be treated in a special way, similar to the one adopted by other countries. Thus, we must continue sport advancement and encourage these players to make a real effort and achieve their ambitions in order to fulfill our objectives. In fact, I am totally aware that Iraqi sports officials prefer that the Iraqi National Teams achieve the best results among the world countries.

  • محمد جميل


    Iraqi handball is one of the nicest games, and the most professional athletes play it. It can be more difficult than soccer, because it makes use of the hands. I like this beautiful and noble sport, and I wish our teams all success. They have really proved that they are the best and that they are always capable of achieving the best results. Actually, handball needs some attention from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, because our teams need many things and the fact of not providing them with all their needs may lead to their defeat, after they were the ones who enabled it to reach this advanced level. We do not want to be losers in such a nice sport. We call upon the officials responsible for sports in Iraq to grant more attention to handball and to think of ways to develop it.

  • صادق قاسم


    Sports in general is experiencing many problems in Iraq, and there are many hurdles that are impeding its development. Among these is the negligence and neglect on the part of the government, and the lack of financial support, because of the Iraqi government’s preoccupation with just one issue, which is the issue of security, to the detriment of all the other issues. This is due to the presence of many terrorist organizations and armed groups that have wreaked havoc all over Iraq, from north to south. The Iraqi government has devoted all its financial capabilities to fighting terrorism and eradicating it, at the expense of sports, health, the economy, social and cultural affairs, and other aspects of life that are suffering from many difficulties. This is why handball in Iraq is suffering from many problems, including negligence and lack of sufficient financial support, so that this sport could develop and make progress, until Iraq can reach an advanced level of training with advanced capabilities, in a way that it would be able to take part in international competitions and championships, so that it can achieve victories and hold the name of Iraq high in the sky in the stadiums, wherever there is a competition that it takes part in. Added to that, there is the issue of the unavailability of stadiums or clubs or facilities specially built for practicing this sport or for training. Also, there is a lack of highly-experienced coaches that are capable of training the Iraqi national handball team. Also, there are no training camps, whether inside the country or abroad, which would help enhance the performance levels of the players, so that they can be at the same level of the other players practicing this sport around the world.

  • ام زياد


    I am the mother of the player Umar Tareq, the handball player, and I call on the head of the handball association, Falah Hamid, to remove the penalties imposed on my son Umar. Please, try to admit him on any team, so as not to destroy his sports future. He is an excellent player, and I call on for lifting the penalties from my son. I am his father, and I cannot see his sports future collapsing. Thank you very much and please convey this message to the Association.

  • sary


    The ancient Iraqis used to show great interest in sports and in practicing them, because they were aware of the importance of sport and the many benefits it provides for the body. And this is what the artifacts left behind by our forefathers have shown. Handball is one of the oldest sports known to man, and it is a team sport that encourages team spirit and working within a team as one unit in order to win against the opponent by scoring the highest number of goals in the opponent’s net. This is why it is important to pay attention to this important sport, and to provide all the support it needs, so that it can develop and make progress, so that Iraq can join the ranks of the countries that are advanced in sports, and especially in handball.

  • فائز علوان


    I am one of the supporters of handball in Iraq. It is considered one of the most beautiful sports that many youths admire and practice. This sport exists in Iraq and there are many teams that are practicing it and participating in competitions in order to win. For this reason, I hope that sport in Iraq will receive adequate support, in order for it to improve. Thus, the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport and Youth must contribute to improving the situation. They have to make more efforts in order to satisfy all the needs of young Iraqi sportsmen, such as providing them with special care, good and modern places and equipment that will help in the improvement of players’ psychology. We want sport to rise to an advanced level in Iraq and to be among the best in the entire world, because Iraq has always excelled in sport and won many medals and championships in the entire world. For this reason, sport specialists in Iraq should provide adequate support in order to help players do their best and excel and reach the expected level. Handball is a special and beautiful sport in Iraq. There are many champions in this sport who are achieving good results because they love this kind of sport. For this reason, it is necessary to support this sport and satisfy all their needs, such as providing sport halls and modern equipment, so that Iraq will achieve the best sport results at the international level.

  • انور بديع


    To tell the truth, we do not really have handball in Iraq as other neighboring countries do. We do not practice it as they do, because our players and trainers are not provided with any support, our clubs are extremely poor and they are suffering from a serious lack of most of the requirements of this sport. The north of Iraq may be considered a little bit lucky in this regard, and that is why we find that the northern teams are always the ones who win. However, the Iraqi National Handball Team has never won a championship, and it is always dismissed in the first rounds. I actually blame that on the officials responsible for handball in Iraq. Is it reasonable that they have provided nothing for this sport and never cared about its players and still expect them to make achievements? I think that the Iraqi handball needs modern fields, training staff and qualified players, and there should be a special tournament for Iraqi handball teams and many other things. I wish to see Iraqi teams participate in all tournaments and make remarkable achievements, not only in handball but in all types of sports, so that Iraq will wins titles and become distinguished in everything.

  • نصير فارس


    Sports have become one of the important things that cannot be dispensed with in everyday life. All people practice sports for health reasons or for entertainment. For instance, handball is one of the entertaining games, and it is a team sport which requires speed and strength. A handball match requires two teams, with seven players on each team. This game has to be played in a rectangular court with two goals in which to score goals. When the match starts, each team’s objective will be to score the biggest number of goals to win the game. Handball players have to master several important skills: passing, receiving and directing balls. It is worth mentioning that the first world handball championship was held in Germany, and it was the German team which won the gold medal. After that, the game became known in all countries of the world, and a large number of people began practicing it and liked it, because it is an easy game. Now, a lot of people in Iraq play handball and enjoy it, and Iraq has become one of the Arab countries that are interested in sports and in developing its people’s talents. It is known that Iraq is full of talented people who will have a great future, if they are taken care of in training camps that will develop their valuable talents. In addition, the most talented among them have to be selected to play on the Iraqi Handball Team. A number of matches have actually been organized in a large number of Iraqi provinces, to identify the level of the players and to identify the technical skills that they master. Thus the training staff will select the most qualified and highly skilled among them and put them on the Iraqi National team, so that they will represent Iraq in the Arab, Asian or world Championships, place among the first and return to Iraq crowned with victory, so as to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of millions of Iraqi people.

  • عبد الرحمن السباعي


    I am one of the biggest fans of this fun and beautiful sport, in spite of its difficulty, because it is the most beautiful and the most wonderful. I hope Iraqi teams will all be well and advance, and I hope they give their very best. I hope this sport will reach a very high level, because Iraqis are excellent in it. Iraqi volleyball players are the best and they have very strong physical fitness. God willing, they will be even more successful than before. These heroic sports teams have many matches and practices with other states, and they have really been outstanding, thank God. We call on the Ministry of Youth and Sport to protect this important segment and to care for them, and to provide all the important things they need, regarding sport and the psychological comfort of the players, in addition to intense exercises. It should also provide them with full support in order for them to always be the best. Volleyball is a beautiful, sophisticated sport, and it is one of the most popular sports in Iraq. The two national teams of this sport raised Iraq’s name to the highest state. We pray to God to grant them the utmost success and wellness, and I hope they give their very best, God willing. We call on the Ministry of Youth to support this sport and to give it further chances to be more encouraged to reach advanced and developed stages than the ones they are already in. We pray to God for them to grant them the utmost wellness and success. I hope they give their best in the future, to come first in everything and to achieve all their wishes of great victory.

  • حسيب بدري


    Handball in Iraq needs a lot of support and backing, whether moral or material. Thus, the Ministry of Sports and Youth must carry out what is required from it, in order to form clubs and national teams that contribute and take part in the championships which are held in Iraq and abroad, so that Iraq will win the best titles, medals and reach advanced positions. Handball is one of the best sports which many Iraqis love and prefer, whether men or women. Thus, it is necessary to take further interest in sports and support the sport sector in Iraq, given that it is going through a state of neglect and coldness, in terms of supporting young sportsmen. Sports desperately need the start of many clubs and the establishment of gyms, which contribute to improving the psychological state of the players, especially if the gyms are developed, modern and well-equipped in terms of equipment and large gyms. In so doing, sportsmen will do their best to perform to the best of their capabilities and be successful, as well as using strong tactics, because the psychological state of players is influenced by their surroundings. Thus, the more appropriate the atmosphere, the better the performance of the player towards Iraq and Iraqis. Therefore, handball in Iraq is played in a simple atmosphere, which is almost absent, although handball does not need a lot of equipment. Despite that, the Ministry of Youth and Sports must carry out the work required from it, assume its role as a Ministry and support the sports movement in Iraq, in order to create a great sporting activity and wide and large youth participation from men and women.

  • ahmed


    Where is the news of the sport of shooting in the sports section? This game will be a part of the Arab championship in Doha, and we will achieve medals in it. Thanks to the editors of this page.

  • احمد


    God is the protector.

  • شاكر محمود


    Thank you for the wonderful website. I am serious, this is wonderful.