Spilling Muslim Blood

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    عبد العزيز موفق


    Although it is a cartoon, the video is sorrowful. I saw the Westerners being honest and the Muslims are extremists. I don't know why. The west manufactures everything, from washing powder to space rockets. In my opinion, they are successful. We, the Muslim countries, import strife from here and there; this is Sunni and that is Shiite, this is Kotbi, and so on! I don't know when this retardation will stop! Thanks again! They murder children, women, men and elders for no reason but their empty minds. God grant you luck!

  • سعد الهموندي


    Peace be upon you! First, I'd like to say that I am commenting because I live in the middle of events, which is Iraq. As you all know, many innocent people have been killed by the brutal, treacherous terrorism. I'd like to ask all the readers of this site, who commits suicide in the name of Islam. Do they know what they are doing, or rather, are they aware of what they are doing? I dare say frankly that most of them or all of them take tranquilizers or drugs before they carry out the operations, in order to be able to carry out the their deeds. To be more specific, they are taught to be addicted to tranquilizers. Secondly, the ones who commit suicide are the poor, helpless people, but at the same time, their faith is weak, or they can't deal with this life. They are weak-hearted. They want to get more in a short time. So, it is quite essential to have more publicity, because we are lacking in this area. Many people in Europe may blame us, because I trade with the Europeans. They respect Islam very much, but they wonder at these deeds, and they say that Islam encourages violence. I reply by telling them that they don't see the whole picture, and that they see one side only. I tell them that they must learn more about Islam first, then decide whether their opinion will change or not. Thanks a lot for this effort. I hope it is not the first or the last one. You'd be better off working to support Islam, teaching people that Islam is the religion of peace and security. My respects and regards to all of you. I am Sa3d Al Hamoondi, from Iraq. I live in Turkey.

  • 2012-5-3

    Who made this film? For whom is this questionnaire? Who facilitated for al-Qaeda to enter Iraq? The issue is quite big, as big as the international conspiracy that created it.

  • jafar


    Whoever kills a soul with no right, it is as if he had killed all humans. Those who kill humans have no brains. God Almighty described them by saying: "They have hearts with which they do not understand; they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear. They are like livestock; rather, they are more lost. It is they who are the heedless." -Al-Araf: 179. God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs.

  • احمد


    Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State of Iraq misunderstands Islam. Islam means that others are safe from your hand and tongue. So, what kind of Islam are they fighting for under its name? May God guide them, have mercy on our victims and help us.

  • الكعبي


    If the oil profits are divided among Muslims, there will be no poverty. The reason for terrorism is the poverty that prevails in the Islamic world. The best proof of that are the revolutions of people over their rulers. Suicide is when the body disobeys the mind for some reason.

  • قاسم الطائي


    Honestly, terrorism is committed by inside hands, under the management of outside hands. Their concern is to dissolve the unity of the people and to control its fortunes. The concepts of occupation develop exactly like anything else in life. The current occupation of the Arab countries is more difficult than the one before. It is not by the armies or the wars; it is through being agents, i.e. puppets, of the west. For God's sake, which Arab government, whether still in power or ousted, is actually just to the people and works for the benefit of the people?! We cannot change anything; terrorism is imposed upon us, just like governments.

  • عاشق الاسمر


    Sadly, we see but we don't talk about it. God is sufficient for us, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs.

  • عقيل


    Killing, destruction and sabotage by al-Qaeda are the introduction to two purposes. The first is liquidating, i.e. destroying the Islamic sects. The second is ruling by all means. So, Muslims should be careful of their plans.

  • SAW3D


    May God never be merciful to any oppressor in Iraq! O God!

  • jasim


    It is true that Jihad is one of the pillars of the monotheistic Islam, yet it is not an absolute thing at every time or everywhere. It has to be set according to the conditions and defined by the diligent scholar who has knowledge. This is the opinion of the Shiites' Twelver Imams. I am one of them.

  • سيد علي الموسوي


    Honestly, this is a beautiful website. It is the first time I have browsed it. “Terrorism has no religion.” No comment!

  • ماجدالشمري


    Almighty God said: "Indeed, the religion in the sight of God is Islam." He did not mention Sunnis or Shiites.

  • ميريل ستريب


    A good and instructive video! May God bless you and make you a reason for spreading peace and mercy among the people.

  • علي صادق


    There is no deity worthy of worship except God!

  • العراقي


    Peace be unto you! This thing does not exist in the religion of Islam. Whoever does that is not a Muslim. Those who do that are actually the people who have defamed the image of Islam. They do this in the name of religion, while Islam is the religion of kindness and love for everybody. Thanks!

  • سيف الكربلائي


    O God, you are the Sovereign, the Omnipotent, the Ever-Powerful, the Effecter of what He Intends! O God, one of your servants oppressed and wronged me. You are the Judge and the Just. I complain to you and trust you to remove this oppression from me. O God, punish him with a plight that no one from the Heavens or the earth can face, so that he will know your blessing on him. Send your wrath down on him, break, destroy and bend him. Punish him with your great punishment, for you are the Almighty and the Supreme Determiner! “They were greater than them in strength and in impression on the land, but God seized them for their sins. And they had no protector from God.” -Surat Ghafer: 21. God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs! The rest is: Invocation against the oppressors!

  • سيف الكربلائي


    O God, you are the Sovereign, the Omnipotent, the Ever-Powerful, the Effecter of what He Intends! O God, one of your servants oppressed and wronged me. You are the Judge and the Just. I complain to you and trust you to remove this oppression from me. O God, punish him with a plight that no one from the Heavens or the earth can face, so that he will know your blessing on him. Send your wrath down on him, break, destroy and bend him. Punish him with your great punishment, for you are the Almighty and the Supreme Determiner! “They were greater than them in strength and in impression on the land, but God seized them for their sins. And they had no protector from God.” -Surat Ghafer: 21. God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs!

  • أبو زهراء


    The one among you who is most honored by God is the most pious. So, where is piety in what is happening now in the Arab countries, which are supposedly Islamic countries? There is a lack of religion and the deceit of Muslims through flashy slogans; i.e. a word of righteousness expressed for falsehood… All those slogans just serve the “sultans,” so that they remain in their seats of authority, even if this requires lying and falsification of history, and even if it requires lying about God and His Messenger. Yet, what shall I say, except that God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs? Those who wronged others will know in which destination they will end up. And those who have wronged are going to know to what kind of fate they will be returned. And the best outcome is for the righteous.

  • شذى السادة


    God is Greater than these actions! Neither Islam nor any heavenly religion legislated by God Almighty is satisfied with killing the human soul. God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs! The tyranny of the oppressor has to end, because God is never content with oppression. Iraqis have been suffering from oppression for years.

  • شهد الرفاعي


    God is Great! Are the consciences of the people that dead? Isn’t there any thinking or feelings? Those infidel terrorists are not humans; they are animals in the shape of humans. They do not have any integrity, conscience or brain. Their only concern is money, just like when an animal only thinks of his belly, i.e. food. May God punish them! God is Greater! There is no mercy!

  • الارهاب


    Terrorism follows no religion.

  • الصقر


    If Iran used to support al-Qaeda in Iraq, then why did the Sunnis provide them with shelter in their areas for many years? Were they ignorant? Let us remember how al-Qaeda appeared in Afghanistan during the Afghan-Soviet war. It appeared with the support of the USA and the intelligence services of the Arab states. And the fatwas were issued at that time encouraging the youth to go to and participate in jihad in Afghanistan. The USA provided al-Qaeda with the arms. I do not defend Iran, but I want to ask about the role of Israel in this equation.

  • ابو سعيد الصباغ


    We would like to tell those people to fear God in the first place, because He stated that killing a single soul outside the course of justice is equal to killing all people. Is there any religion that allows orphaning the children and widowing the women? May God curse them.

  • بسام


    Who killed Umar Al-Farouq, Uthman, and Ali, may God be pleased with them? Who poisoned Al-Hasan, Umar ibn Abd El-Aziz, may God be pleased with them, and is still killing to this day? This is from only one source, which is the global Freemasonry, which was formed before the advent of Islam. Wake up, Arabs and Iraqis! Wake up, Sunnis and Shia! Your enemy is Freemasonry.

  • علي


    Islam means peace and whoever utters the Two Testimonies of Faith, it will be prohibited for the Muslims, as to blood, money and honor. I know nothing in the Quran that allows a Muslim to kill his fellow Muslim, or even to kill a non-Muslim without justification. What can make killing the human soul legitimate? However, you will hear every Tom, Dick and Harry issue fatwas allowing a person to be killed for one reason only: because he adopts different thoughts. The Prophet, peace be upon him, reconciled with the Jews and did not fight them until they betrayed and fought him. We all know the story of the Prophet, peace be upon him, with his Jewish neighbor, whose story is known to all people, because he was the most sublime example of noble manners, as God described him in the Quran. Hence, learn from the noble manners of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and fear God, because piety is the best provision.

  • شعلان تاجبوري


    I swear it is prohibited to kill an innocent Muslim in any Arab state.

  • هاشم كوجر


    All people claim that they are Muslims, without any proof. Al-Qaeda claims that it is a group of jihadists and that they blow themselves up to serve the cause of Islam, when in fact they kill the Muslims. Hence, the clergymen must confront these disbelieving thoughts and defend Islam in the Friday sermons. The clergymen must differentiate between the resisting people who defend the truth and those who are wrong. Even those who blow themselves up know that they are committing a major sin and a crime against their Muslim brothers; however, the silence of the Muslim clergy makes them continue blowing themselves up. I have not heard any Arab or Islamic TV channel describing these acts as sins and horrible crimes. These channels are only concerned with dubbing the Turkish TV series into Arabic, while the Muslims kill each other through these horrible crimes, as is the case in Syria. Is it not true that the Muslims are responsible for what is happening there? Why don’t we see those who prohibit killing the Muslims at the hands of the Muslims? I do not know what to write about these criminal acts that are happening in the Muslim states, while the whole world is satisfied with watching the crimes against the Muslims.

  • محمد العبيدي


    We seek God's help against them.

  • كارزان


    There is no power but from God! It is painful to see what happens in the name of Islam; the killing, the bloodshed and the abuse of our religion. We demand that the preachers explain to the whole world, and to the non-Muslims in particular, that these people who commit these acts are not doing this according to Islam. We haven't witnessed this done at any stage or period of Islam! The al-Qaeda terrorist who was killed in the Anbar governorate showed that he was not circumcised. What is his religion? God knows!

  • hassan assy


    Peace be upon you! First of all, Islam came with the message of tolerance and flexibility. The Prophet Mohammed was the first to free the slaves, and he stopped the old custom of burying the newborn baby girls. Everyone knows that Islam prohibited drinking wine, even for non-Muslims, because it hurts and damages one’s health. It affects not only the one who drinks, but also the next generations and his future offspring. How can a Muslim kill his brother Muslim? Islam is free of these killers. Islam prohibits raping a Muslim's blood and money. What is the crime that he committed, to deserve to have these fatwas which allow killing children, women and the elders? All these criminals are damned!

  • ali mahdai


    I think that terrorism is imported from abroad and is nourished by hidden hands; it is directed at Muslims. Everyone must be aware and realize how serious the problem is, and put your hands on the wound to stop it from bleeding!!! Reply, please!

  • موصلي اصيل


    I think that some television channels like" Wesaal" are behind the sectarian violence.

  • ابا الحسثين


    Most of the brothers who comment write in a hostile sectarian manner to oppose another sect. Fear God! Do not throw your accusations, so that we can build Iraq.

  • اياد الاسدي


    May God curse the oppressors, such as those criminals who violate the sanctities of God…. May God curse the Takfiri people.

  • رافد


    The name of al-Qaeda is just a cover for very big international agendas.

  • ابو الشباب


    Al-Qaeda is the excuse which every criminal uses to justify his crimes… This is not a defense for the criminal, hired al-Qaeda. It is an apology to the honest al-Qaeda. They are few, my brothers. Have you asked yourselves these questions: 1. Is not al-Qaeda, which blew up the Pentagon, able to reach al-Najaf, Karbala, Arbil and al-Sulimaniyah? Or are those places more secure than the Americans in the Department of Defense? 2. Why do the bombings always happen in the Sunni areas and against the volunteers in particular??? 3. Why did the Ministry of Education celebrate the dismissal of a doorman from the ministry before this course? 4. Why did they target the council of Salah al-Din, Diyala and al-Anbar governorates more than once? Is al-Qaeda afraid of the other councils? 5. Why did they burn and destroy more than 120 Sunni mosques? Why were hundreds of Sunni scholars killed? If al-Qaeda is Sunni, why would they make holes in the heads of the Sunni scholars with drills? 6. Why did they try to steal the presidential mosques and request that the Shiite Waqf take half of them? Did anyone ban even one Shiite from praying in any mosque anywhere in Iraq? 7. Why do the poor Shiites live in the graves of Karbala and Najaf? Is it not because they refuse to belong to either of them? 8. How many Emirs, i.e. leaders, in al-Qaeda did the government catch, starting in 2003 and until now? We hear each day that they captured someone in al-Qaeda; is each of them an Emir? How many of them are there? Or is each of them the Emir /irony/? Isn’t he a criminal who has to be tortured and shown on TV? 9. You Iraqi, if you were a Shiite or Sunni or from any sect, try to understand it, if you are reasonable. Try to answer these questions, so as to know what al-Qaeda is……

  • حسين


    Why is the Iraqis' blood shed for no reason? Sadly, this is what is happening among us. As Iraqis, we are hot-blooded.

  • ناصح امين


    Peace be upon you! O Shiites, seek forgiveness from your Lord; He is the All-Merciful. What is happening to you is the fruit of cooperating with the crusaders and the Safavid dynasty, who love to harm the Sunni. They used you as a means to get to the Sunnis. This is self-defense and extinguishing evil from the start. Pay attention and do not listen to your misleading scholars before the day comes when al-Sistani will say: “O Lord, I didn't misguide them, but they are the ones who were in great delusion.” Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions.

  • zaidssalam


    Human terrorism is a parasite invented by a few enemies of humanity in order to achieve certain aims, such as political and financial gains, etc. Whoever supports this filthy group is not a Muslim and does not belong to any heavenly religion, because God Almighty prohibited killing the innocent soul in all the heavenly books. Almighty God reveals in our Book, the Holy Qur'an, that killing an innocent soul unjustly is like killing all of mankind.

  • إبراهيم مدينة الصدر


    In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! As Shiites, we say as the greatest Ali said to his father, Imam al-Hussein, peace be upon him; “Are we not right?” The Imam replied in the affirmative. The greatest Ali said, “Then we do not care if death falls upon us or if we fall upon death.” God is sufficient for us, for He is the best disposer of affairs!

  • سماري الساري


    In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! Peace and blessings of God be upon the Messenger and his kind, pure household! This is a very good scene. May God lead those who work to achieve it to what satisfies and pleases Him! He is the All-Hearing, the Supreme-Answerer! The scene shows a small side of the terrorist operations and the destruction that happens to human society due to these operations, such as orphans and widows; even the plants and the land did not escape their harm. There is something that many people do not notice: God Almighty does not judge any person or hold him accountable before he/she reaches the age of Taklif, i.e. puberty, which is 9 for girls and 15 for boys. That means God Almighty does not hold a person accountable before this age. So, what is the ruling on killing the children and the weak? The worst plight is that they embrace the enemies of Islam, such as the Jews, by having Israeli embassies in their countries. Indeed, how strange! Why don't they understand?

  • فراس محمد


    They pretend that they are sacrificing for the sake of God; i.e. jihad. They pretend that the Iraqis are infidels. So, why don't they leave Iraq? If we are infidels, then we don't deserve their assumed jihad; if we are Muslims, which we are, in spite of them, then we are Muslims. Do they kill us in tens every day to liberate us? Or to save us? Review this yourselves, you group of ignorant people.

  • ذو الفقار النجفي


    The terrorist, the Wahhabi, i.e. the follower of the Wahhabist sect, and the Nasabi are names given to whoever opposes the people of righteousness at every time and place. Al-Fusayfisany, al-Dajal, their followers and their teachings are the biggest example of terrorism and terrorists. It is not only the Wahhabi or the Nasabi, as I mentioned before; it is anyone to whom the words “terrorism,” “killing,” “destruction,” “animosity” and “shedding of blood” apply. The mosques which are destroyed, the lands that are violated and the numerous crimes are committed not only by the Wahhabis; they are committed by someone worse than the Takfiris, i.e. those who declare others infidels, the Wahhabis. They are committed by people such as the imam of delusion, the president of a party or an Islamic, religious or political movement, such as what is happening now in our wounded country. The killing, displacement, terrorism, arrests, expulsion and destruction of the houses of God – mosques – are committed in the name of religion and Islam. The biggest terrorist today is al-Maliki, his group and the deluded and deluding Sistani. Because of al-Sistani's silence, this chaos has happened in the country and to the people. The oppressors will know which destiny they will end up having. Success is to be given to the pious.

  • مهندس محمد


    None can act except God the Almighty! He is the only one who takes souls!

  • فلاح


    My dear esteemed reader, I address you using the rational, not the emotional language. If you were there, and if you saw and heard what is happening in the name of Islam, wouldn't you be willing to kill, sodomize their honor and tear them apart? Enough courtesy; who are these people? Aren't they our brothers, according to God's Law, sons of Adam and Eve, and aren’t we the ones who made them? My message is for everyone, whether from them or from us; we are the Islam of identities, I mean our races, not our minds; they must comprehend and understand that life is ours, our own, and this world is our share. Let's cooperate together in order to live in peace, welfare, love, sympathy, tolerance, kindness and liberty, because severe punishment is waiting for us in the Hereafter. So, let's be friends and lovers in this world, before moving to the other life.

  • راميو البصري


    God and his messenger denounce those infidel criminals.

  • حسين الجبوري


    Fear God, you sectarians who accuse the Sunnis of being terrorists, as if Iran has nothing to do with funding and financing al-Qaeda, protecting Abu Mus'ab Zarqawi and others! You must know and let others know that terrorism has no religion or sect; otherwise there wouldn't be bombings in Museul, Anbar, and Takreet and even in Saudi Arabia. The sectarian is the one who say falsely that only the Shiites are targeted. Stop this sectarian tone, for the countries which you accuse of being against you have suffered a lot from terrorism, more than you have. Let's all unite together, work for the sake of our country and quit this hateful sectarian speech.

  • ابو مصطفى


    Go back to the history of al-Qaeda, who bomb themselves; go back to the history of the murderers in the militias, add them together, and you get a black history full of dishonored, shameful, hired people. Ask about their previous criminal records when they were young!!!

  • عبدالكريم


    The suicide bomber is someone who wants his family to live in luxury in the great Iraq after the occupation. So, he uses the easiest way to ensure the needs of a comfortable life and a pension from the sponsors of terrorism, according to what he achieves. This kind of work has nothing to do with the kind Islam. May God kill the one who kills himself and the ones who implanted feuds in the country of brotherhood and the united classes!

  • مروان


    It is prohibited that Arabs see Muslims being killed who are not guilty of anything, while they are engrossed in their money. Where will they flee from God? God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs.

  • فارس


    They shed the blood of innocent people. They think they can divide us, but what they think is wrong. We will remain united forever.

  • محمد


    You terrorists!

  • محمد الصدري


    My brothers, everyone person has enough reason……… God favored man over animals with his brain. As for angels, he is different from them with his desire. If his mind takes over his desire, then man is better for God than angels, while if the desire of man takes over his mind, then he is lower than the animals. Whoever claims that he is carrying out jihad by killing the spirit that God has made it forbidden to kill except according to righteousness, God curses him and an animal is better than he is.

  • ammar


    Peace be unto you, brothers! This is not Jihad; these are militias that belong to America, Israel and Iran. They use religion to kill Muslims, especially the Sunni Muslims. The true Muslim does not kill himself. Who killed the honest fighters? Don't they say that al-Qaeda, the party of the devil, Iran's al-Quds Force, the Daawa Party and the Supreme Council of Iraq are the ones who killed the sheikhs, teachers, doctors and the honest sheikhs of the tribes?! There is no al-Qaeda; there is no such thing, because the Emirs, i.e. leaders, were from the Shiites of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

  • ghassan55_2008


    The religion is the religion of God. He is the One who judges, not humans.

  • ثامر السباهي


    They made our hearts bleed, those accursed criminals. I don't think there is any family that did not grieve over losing their loved ones. To God we belong and to Him we shall return. May God curse the despicable oppressors!

  • عر اقي اصيل


    Stop them; they are the ones responsible.

  • mareewan


    Brothers, I'd like to add something to your comments, which is that there is no difference between the Sunni and the Shiite or any other nationality. Please, we are brothers, as the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, said: "The Muslim is the other Muslim's brother; if he is in pain, the whole body wakes up and feels the pain and fever." Salam.

  • احمد العراقي11


    Thanks for allowing me to join.

  • sameras13


    Al-Qaeda is destined for destruction, along with those who support and sponsor them from all the countries.

  • ناصر


    My dear Moujahidin, you have the right to defend Islam. Never kill the Muslims! I advise you to strive by learning and passing knowledge, not to commit suicide, because suicide is the weapon of cowards. God is The Guide to the straight path!

  • احمد


    These people do not belong to Islam.

  • قائدالوائلي


    Peace be upon you, citizens of the great Iraq! The criminal acts are committed by some weak people who don't want the good for Iraq or Iraqis, because they are not originally Iraqis. They have a false identity, because they try to destroy themselves. Iraq will never die; it just gets weak. Our Arabic proverb says: "Luck weakens, but it never dies." Sons of Iraq, protect Iraq.

  • محمد الشمري


    Terrorism is mentioned in: "And prepare---". Now it is the official motto of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizballah. There are many of them who consider it a sacred war against infidels and the Muslims who cooperate with them.

  • ايسرالهلال


    You who write that killing the Muslims and the innocents is not jihad, this is strife among Muslims. What is a Shiite or a Sunni? Before, we didn't have this sectarianism! This is all for the benefit of some countries who want to separate us. God willing, there will be no strife among us! Peace and blessings be upon you!

  • محمود الجبوري


    Yes, everything you say and publish about killing and terrorism is true; your media must say this, you who like Sollagh. Show us how many crimes were committed by these militias and gangs! Show how many were killed from the groups of the right and Sollagh, who bombed the tombs in Samarra after getting orders from Iran, in order to have a pretext to kill Sunnis. Why was there no al-Qaeda before 2003, and Iran had given them supplies! These militias have killed thousands of Iraqi doctors and intellectuals. The Zarqa group belongs to you; they and their children were slaughtered nine years ago. I doubt if the Iraqi channel has once mentioned the militias. God is the greatest! They didn't kill one Iraqi. The true Iraqi, and the one who says that he is Iraqi, must speak about all the crimes committed against the Iraqis, so that we may believe and trust him.

  • اام زينب


    God is the greatest and over any tyrant, anywhere, any time.

  • فاطمه محمد علي


    Do you know the latest news about Iraq?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Parliament mocks the people. They reduce the salaries in the parliament to 6000000, i.e. six million, so that you won't feel annoyed. Well, they had benefits that equal 104000000 million. You are guardians, and every one of you is responsible for those you care for. Saddam is gone and now, every 4 years, we have a hundred Saddams in the parliament.

  • عمار الحسيني


    The promise is coming, you traitor of the Two Holy Mosques! Your end has approached to meet God, the Omnipotent! What will you tell God Almighty about shedding the blood of people with the intention of being closer to God?! Prepare for your eternal torment.

  • حقي اسماعيل الحمداني


    Peace, blessings and the mercy of God be on Imam al-Rabani and his followers, the peaceful and self-critical people!

  • علي مهدي


    Those are the Sons of Umayyah, and whoever practices such actions comes from the roots of the Sons of Umayyah, Saddam and the Abbasids. They have only one certainty: God has prepared the hellfire for them. It is waiting for them.

  • علي الزبيدي


    The al-Qaeda organization is an international mafia. Any country can hire them for money to execute any kind of destructive work in any country of the world, because they are an organization that is not subject to any law, whether it is a manmade law or a heavenly law. Any country can use them against any other country; it will not have any responsibility. They don't have any principles or firm beliefs. They work with Iran, Saudi Arabia, America and Israel. It also works against them at any time, if they are paid more. They use religion as a cover to facilitate the work they do. There are many Muslim youths who have been deceived into working for them, after they fooled them. If anyone finds out the truth about them and wants to repent and leave them, he gets killed immediately.

  • محب الوحدة


    It is not permitted to kill a Muslim, unless it is with a permit from the legal ruler. When the ruling is going to be executed, it has to be considered that the one who executes it should not take the same kind of action. There is a narration about the fourth Caliph, may God be pleased with him. A woman testified against herself that she had committed adultery four times, so she was sentenced to being stoned. He said: “Whoever has committed such an act or whoever thinks that he won't do it, let him step forward.” Only he, i.e. Ali, al-Hassan and al-Hussein remained. So, this happened when a woman admitted her guilt, let alone the one who kills children, the elders and women who didn't do anything wrong. Where did al-Qaeda come from? Where do they get this huge funding? How can they have such freedom of movement and science? How come the people who used to live in holes, caves and mountains can plan and execute this enormous number of operations, unless they are supported by major countries? Why don't they target Israel? Why don't they ask for Palestine, Golan and southern Lebanon? Why do they carry out their operations in markets and schools?! So, how come you believe such talk after all this? The success will be for the pious. Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds!

  • hakeem


    God is sufficient for us, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs! God is One, religion is one, the Prophet is one and the nation is for everybody. "And never think that God is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare in horror."

  • مــلك الاحــساس


    Terrorism has no religion.

  • سفيان


    Jihad, O Sunni of Islam!

  • noor


    No one knows al-Qaeda but he who suffers from it; Iraq suffered a lot from the ravages of al-Qaeda. May God curse them and all who support them in this world and in the Hereafter.

  • سيد زهير


    Woe to Mu'awiya and those who followed his approach, whose efforts have been wasted while they thought that they were doing good work.

  • دمي ولا دمع امي


    Terrorism follows no religion; it desecrated the sanctities of Iraq.

  • العراقي


    Peace be upon you! Frankly, the Al-Qaeda organization is composed of competent groups; their wives are accused of adultery and their men are accused of homosexuality. There is no wise man who kills people in groups and claims that this is Jihad. Only people with an impure origin do those acts.

  • احمد


    Why are we getting killed? I need an answer; why is there terrorism?

  • مازن


    Al-Qaeda is the result of the retardation of the Arabs. Arab leaders took advantage of this retardation badly. This is a disease which infects those who sell their minds and conscience in return for paradise, as they say. This case is not new in the history of Muslims, and it is not the result of a certain sect.

  • سعد الدليل


    God is merciful! The worst is behind us and there is less remaining; God's face is the only thing that lasts forever.

  • اسعد بصرة


    The gang that murdered Fatima el Zahra, the gang that had murdered Imam Ali, peace be upon him, al Hassan and al Hussein, peace be on them both... is the same gang with the same rage against our prophet and his family. They are the ones who bomb Iraqis; this happens because we belong to Mohamed, Ali and Hussein… We fear no one, and we are not terrified, because we follow what is right… Peace be upon those who follow true guidance.

  • محمد الجباري


    It is God's will, in order to test the Muslims; we say that God is our supporter and our helper against this oppression.

  • باسم الاومري


    Peace be upon you! I thank all those who work on this website, which guides people to the right way! May God grant you victory over every tyrant, God willing!

  • علاء بدر


    Our problem; do you know what our problem is? They are the simple-minded, i.e. the suicidal. These are ridden and driven by the long-bearded and short-dressed persons who give them Fatwas and drive them to death in Iraq! Have you ever heard of any relative of these persons, either their sons, brothers, nephews or any of their relatives, who has bombed himself? Absolutely not! They allow others to carry out their orders and don't let their relatives do it or do it themselves!

  • عماد التميمي


    Islam is the religion of mercy and brotherhood. It is a heavenly and social project to connect people with each other so that they become loving, united brothers and become the best nation that has emerged for the people. It is a nation that enjoins virtue and restrains vice. Shedding the blood of innocent Muslims all over the earth is the worst kind of vice, which angers God the most. So, we have to differentiate between the one who wants to wants to shed the blood of Muslims and the one who wants to save their blood and the dignity of Muslims all over the world. Do not remain silent; whoever sees an evil thing should change it. All of you are responsible in front of God Almighty. Praise be upon Muhammad and His kind, pure family!

  • alaaddin


    Terrorism has no religion!

  • تحسين الكعبي


    Terrorism and the extremists’ ideology of committing suicide are the outcome of narrow-mindedness. Their reasons, causes, targets and intention are quite faulty. We hope they return to the right path.

  • علي سلمان داود 1


    Not good!

  • احمد الدراجي


    “Indeed, you have great manners!” When you harm a neighbor, a friend or any person with a word, you feel remorseful. So, how come they can kill a human, those terrorists dogs?? To Hellfire, the worst destination!

  • taha


    The nation is united? God is sufficient for me, for He is the Best Disposer of Affairs.

  • حيدوري


    "Those who are bent on wrongdoing will in time come to know how evil a turn their destinies are bound to take!" -Sad: 227. Those al-Qaeda men who make it permissible to kill the spirit which God forbids to be killed permit what is forbidden and forbid what is permitted. They will have disgrace in the present life and great torment in the hereafter. To God all things shall return.

  • salemlove_26


    This is the price we pay for being Shiite; thank God, He made us able to face this situation, which increases our loyalty and our strong hold. Finally, I say: “May God have mercy on the Shiite martyrs, and accept this small sacrifice!”

  • 2012-3-24

    Terrorism is an industry produced by any extreme religion anywhere in the world. So we have to cut, adjust and reform, and change the terrorist thinking in order to dry up its ideological sources, and treat them so they will be cured by mixing them with liberal societies.

  • حسين ابوعبدالله


    Thank God who revealed the truth of al-Qaeda, who became infidels, and so are all the people.

  • العداي


    We praise God and thank Him, and we pray for His messenger Mohammed and for his family and followers. The Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, said, "It's not permissible for a Muslim to shed a Muslim's blood, except in three circumstances: If he commits adultery after being married, or to kill someone and get killed, or if he becomes an infidel after being a Muslim. Hence he should be killed." These are the three cases for which a Muslim should be killed, and in another saying: "The deserter from the battlefield…" All these cases are not present in what is happening with Muslims who are being killed. If we agree that some Muslims deserve to be killed, then who has the right to judge them? Does anyone have the right to give permission to kill Muslims? There are stipulations for killing that are limited by lawmakers. The killing shouldn't be carried out unless it is sentenced by a wise Muslim judge who knows the rules. If this is not possible, then there are authoritative and decisive persons who should be approved, and committed scholars, who are famous for their justice, strictness and Islamic teachings. It's not permissible for anyone who has read short books to make himself a judge and an opponent at the same time, because this is bloodshed. If a judge makes a mistake in a sentence by not uttering a sentence of this type, this is better than sentencing an innocent man to death. And if jihad is carried out to kill innocent Muslims, with no right, it is not Jihad! Because jihad is the apex of Islam, we are not allowed to distort jihad and distort the reality of Islam. The Prophet, peace be upon him, warned in many of his sayings against shedding Muslim blood. These are some of his sayings, Abd Allah Bin Omar said that: "The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever kills a bird or any higher form of life with no right, will be asked by God about the reason for killing it. They asked: "What is its right?" He answered: "To kill it in order to eat it, not to cut off its head and throw it away." And he said: "The disappearance of the world is easier for God than killing a Muslim.", and he said: "Whoever has supported anyone in killing a Muslim by saying a half of a word, he will meet God with his front written on it: ‘Desperate for God's Mercy.’" Abd Allah Bin Omar said: "While Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was circumambulating the Ka'bah, he said: "How good are you and your smell! What beauty and great respect you have. I swear the Muslim's life, blood, and money are greater for God than you."

  • مصطفى


    They are all traitors! Have you ever seen anyone who hated Aly, peace be upon him, and who could lead a good life? No, I swear.

  • عبدالحميد مصطفى هاشم


    What is done by al-Qaeda in our beloved country, Iraq, or in other countries, has nothing to do with religion at all. They kill the innocent people of all ages: young children, old people and even women. Islam is innocent of their deeds. It is the religion of tolerance, mercy and peace. Where are they in terms of this religion's principles? They are a bunch of ignorant bastards who know nothing about Islam as it should be. They distorted the image of Islam, pretending that they belong to it. Isn't it forbidden in Islam to kill the innocent who are not guilty of anything? No religion, no traditions, and no laws allow the killing of innocent women and innocent children in public places and markets.

  • ريم شاكر الاحمدي


    Al-Qaeda belongs to the Gulf region because it did not carry out any operations there, although many Israeli officials, such as Shimon Perez, Nathan Yoho, and Levini visited the region. The accompanying delegation was American. Saddam's previously appointed elements were Israeli and made many changes in the Arab and Muslim world.

  • وسام


    God is great and over all the unjust in every place and at all times! May God preserve the blood of Muslims!

  • alaa


    Have you ever heard of an Iranian, a Turk, a European, or an American who blew himself up? Why do the Arabs bomb themselves? Don't you think that this attitude deserves to be studied?

  • naser


    They want to ruin this poor people and never stop their destruction!

  • مجهول


    What is happening to Iraq is a shame! Iraq is the country of welfare and Baghdad is peace.

  • علي



  • goranmerane



  • حيدر السوداني


    All the Arab presidents are fighting their wars in Iraq; even the Iraqi politicians are against the Iraqi people. If my words are incorrect, then someone tell me what the purpose of the checkpoints in Baghdad is. They have no purpose except to cause congestion. Do the politicians know that entering the city of Khadimiyah is banned, even for its inhabitants? If that is a lie, direct your question to Brigadier General Dhafer. Is it reasonable that the electricity has not been fixed for ten years? I have a lot of questions, but there is no one, either a western ruler or the Iraqi government of Iraq, who can answer them.

  • ضرغام الغراوي


    Whoever kills a soul without any right to do so, it is as if he killed all the people. Islam is not a religion of violence; it is a religion of mercy. Almighty God says: "And We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind." -Surah Al-Anbiyah 21:107. Be merciful to the people on earth and you will have mercy from the One in Heaven. The merciful people will have mercy from the All-Merciful. The people of Al-Qaeda are not humans to be respected; they are beasts in the form of humans. Whoever heard or saw a dictator who gave up his throne willingly anytime in human history since mankind was created?! If he was not forced to step down, then he was hit with shoes till he had to give up. As Arabs, we have seen many of those dwarfs. Every dictator should know that history has a big place for them, called the dustbin of history, not only for dictators, but also for anyone who kills his people because of sectarianism, partisanship or the lust for power. It is the best place for those arrogant individuals. Indeed, tomorrow will come.

  • حسن محمود ولي


    Congratulations on your forum! More success and may you prosper, God willing.

  • وسام التميمي


    Killing, bombing, and bloodshed are not among our characteristics as Muslims. If this happened in Muslim countries, it would be because of terrorists and al-Qaeda. I ask all Muslims to reject and resist them, even if it is only in the weakest way, in the media. I swear to God, al-Qaeda are not Muslims, and they have nothing to do with Muslims; they don't have the ethics or the qualities of Islam. May God damn you, al-Qaeda, wherever you are. And, God willing, relief is near.

  • منتظر العراقي


    Thank you for this comment; you really support the state.

  • ياس


    This act is forbidden! What kind of Islam is that?? You have defamed the name of Islam.

  • المسلم من انصار اهل البيت عليهم السلام


    This documentary should be sent to the Wahhabi Sheikhs, such as al-Arour, who declares others infidels as much as he wants. Let everybody know that al-Arour and those who support him are the ones who kill Muslims.

  • حيدر


    God is Greater!

  • حصه


    Is there anyone who has heard that a dictator has ever forsaken the throne willingly, without force, throughout human history and since the creation of Man? When a tyrant reaches the throne, he starts oppressing the people until they crush him with their shoes. The Arabs had the largest share of those villains. All dictators and those who have killed their compatriots for sectarian, partisan, or authoritative reasons must realize that they will go to the dunghill of history, which is the best place for those arrogant people. The future is not far to those who are hopeful.

  • adnan


    The people of Al-Qaeda are not humans that respect humanity; rather, they are beasts!

  • جمعه


    Killing a soul outside of the course of justice is akin to killing all people. Islam rejects violence, because it is the religion of mercy. God the Almighty said what can be translated as: “I sent thee not save as a mercy for the peoples.” Be merciful with those on earth, so that He who in the heaven, i.e. God, will have mercy on you. The merciful people will receive mercy.